Twins 11’= stupid

The Twins must have taken a chapter from the Vikings and Brad Childress this past year and decided to make it close in the running for the stupidest Minnesota team. The Timberwolves were in the lead starting off last fall but the Vikings took over that last year and now the Twins are making and not making the stupidest moves of the past ten years for the franchise. Twins are now 10.5 games back in the division with pretty much just September to go. We just made a move today and did it within the division. First off why are we making a move after we are pretty much out of the AL Central race? And second off why would we trade one of the younger better outfielders we have to a division rival no less? We traded Delmon Young for a minor league player and a player to be named later. What are we thinking this year? We go out and pay a lot of money for an Asian player that is unproven and now we find out he sucks. Instead of this move we should have tried to trade for Michael Young in the beginning of spring training when he was still mad at the Rangers, and remember I said the Twins should trade for Young even with this Asian SS. But we didn’t because we wouldn’t want to make a move that would actually help our team. Now look at Michael Young’s numbers this year and tell me he wouldn’t have been worth it. If you told me that you’d be blind and deaf. So I thought we would make a trade for a starting pitcher and a bullpen guy before the trading deadline was up because we needed a lot of help with our pitching staff. So at the end of July when we were down by only 6 games we didn’t do anything. We sit on our asses and look like the stupid-ass team we truly are. Now we trade a great power bat to a rival team that we are trying to catch and we make this trade well after the trading deadline is up. What is the MLB doing helping this trade take form and making it happen so far after the trading deadline? Please please please tell me how any of these moves and non moves make sense. Also guess what happens today? We played the Tigers and Young homered against the Twins. I hope Young just destroys the Twins every time he plays us because for the Twins to do that to him when we traded a pitcher that is better then any pitcher we have on our staff right now and a short stop that is still hitting better then our short stops the past 3 years just to get Young, it is a slap in the face to him. It is telling him you were a failure and we rather have more unproven players on our team instead of you. So if you think about it we traded three starting players that have proven themselves for a minor league pitcher and a player to be named later on. Now if this player is Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander it is that best trade we ever made. But being realistic we are going to get another UNPROVEN minor league player.

Congratulations to Jim Thome hitting his 600th career home run tonight against the Tigers in a rare 9-6 Twins win. And might I add Thome did this without the use of steroids, even if he does look like he has used before because of how big he is and how much power he has.

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The all-star teams

I really wanted to take the summer off from writing but when I saw the all star rosters for the 2011 baseball season I just had to write about all the stupid fans that once again prove to vote for a players name and not there productivity for the season. Let’s start off with the A.L. starters: at catcher is Alex Avila, first base is Adrian Gonzalez, 2B is Robinson Cano, 3B is A-Rod, SS is Derek Jeter, the DH is David Ortiz, and the three outfielders are Jose Bautista, Curtis Granderson, and Josh Hamilton. The starting catcher was a bit of a a surprise to me but a good one. I really thought the fans would vote a big time named catcher for the starter but they actually didn’t this time. This catcher for Detroit is truly the best catcher in the American League right now and he deserved his starting spot. Now I’ll skip over the obvious good choices by the fans which is Cano, A-Rod, Gonzalez, and Bautista for starting. But what the hell is Derek Jeter starting at short stop for?! What kind of people were voting for him, I mean have they seen his stats this year? I’ll just throw five different players stats out there for you guys in the five major categories in baseball to be an all star at your position. First guy: .291 average, 14 home runs, 49 runs batted in (RBIs), 12 stolen bases, and 53 runs. Second guy: .275 average, 8 home runs, 38 RBIs, 3 stolen bases, and 49 runs. Third guy: .278 average, 3 home runs, 30 RBIs, 25 stolen bases, and 49 runs. Fourth guy (has only played in 54 games): .295 average, 11 home runs, 30 RBIs, 0 stolen bases, and 31 runs. Now Derek Jeter’s stats (fifth guy): .260 average, 2 home runs, 20 RBIs, 7 stolen bases, and 39 runs. Instead of having these four short stops that are better than Jeter right now starting for us we have an old washed up SS who is hitting .260. I mean J.J. Hardy, Alexei Ramirez, and Alvis Andrus aren’t even going to the all star game and they all beat Jeter in average, home runs, and RBIs. In fact Andrus has better numbers in every single category and as for Asdrubel Cabrera, who is the best short stop out there, is sitting on the bench to start the all star game because of stupid Yankee fans. I thought Yankee fans were suppose to be the hardest on there players and expect the best, I mean they boo them off the field, but when it comes down to it they will vote for them even if they are hitting .260 and haven’t been very productive. As a baseball fan I expect the best players out there in the all star game and I don’t want to be seeing a 37 year old SS cringe when he throws out his back throwing to first or not running an infield ground ball out all the way to beat the throw. I want to be excited in the all star game and I can’t do this when the younger healthy better players aren’t out there or are on the bench. Other than that the starting line up looks good and so do the bench players except for having two catchers on the bench. The only real other problem is the fans really need to vote for Paul Konerko for the last vote because he is putting up all star numbers once again and is being under recognized for it AGAIN. On another note I am very happy for Michael Cuddyer in making the all star team and also happy for David Ortiz who has been awesome this season, both deserve to be all stars this year.
Now for the National League I have one big complaint again. Here’s the starting line up: at catcher is Brain MaCann, 1B is Prince Fielder, 2B is Rickie Weeks, SS is Jose Reyes, 3B is Placido Polanco, and the outfielders are Lance Berkman, Ryan Braun, and Matt Kemp. The big problem I have is both of the guys at third base. Now I do believe that Polanco should be in the all star game because he does have the top three numbers for third baseman in the National league this year but he is not the best at his position. What really bothers me is Chipper Jones making the all star game. Here we have another washed up old player making it because the stupid fans look at his name and not his stats and productivity for his team this season. Chipper is hitting under .260 with only 7 home runs and has already struck out 47 times this season matching last years total in about 30 less games. I wouldn’t have a problem with Chipper making it if he actually was putting up the numbers and being productive. Also Polanco should be on the bench not starting, but because he plays for the Phillies he is the starter. He has a respectable average at .277 with 4 home runs from a non power guy but it is nothing compared to a third baseman that is going to be watching the all star game from home. Aramis Ramirez for the Chicago Cubs is not in the all star game, how could this happen? He plays for the Cubies, the most supposed loyal fans in the National League and they don’t even get there guy voted in when he actually deserves it. I mean these fans have gotten sucky players into the all star game before by voting so many times and when they actually have the best third base man on there team in the National league they can’t get him voted in? What is wrong with you fans. He has a .293 average, 12 homers, and 44 RBIs. Both of the third baseman that made it to the all star game have worse numbers than that, by a lot might I add. So the reason why I came out of this break it to tell the fans, once again, they need to look at the stats and get it right. I hope you fans get the final player right for each team, here’s a hint to who to vote for Paul Konerko for the A.L. and Andre Either or Michael Morse for the N.L.. Hope it is not to difficult to tell the difference between Konerko and Zobrist or Either and Victorino while voting.

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Who will be in the Finals

From what I saw in the semi final round was at first shocking, then expected, and then exciting. I couldn’t believe that the Mavericks swept the Lakers or even beat the Lakers in the series. The Miami Heat beating Boston was expected but how they did it was shocking, in only 5 games they took out Boston. Also the Bulls winning was expected but the Thunder and Grizzlies series was exciting, triple overtime and a game seven. I really think whoever won the triple overtime game would win the series and the Thunder did just that. Now again I was 50% right with my picks as the Thunder and Mavs beat the teams I picked. Then Boston and Atlanta lost to the teams I picked. Obviously I am better at picking Eastern teams and not Western teams. As for who will win now in these new series I will give my opinion but I’ll probably go 50% again. I will take the Thunder to beat the Mavericks even though the Mavs just swept the back-to-back champions. I still am not sold on the Mavs and I think if they do go to the Finals they will lose to either of the eastern conference teams that are still in the run and the Thunder, I think, have a better chance against both of those teams. The Heat and Bulls have already gone under way and the Bulls took game one pretty easily, but I am still going for the Heat to win and comeback in this series. I mean the Heat beat the Celtics and they won the Eastern championship last year, but really it is because of the two superstars. I will take Lebron James and Dwyane Wade in a playoff series over almost anyone. I would love Derek Rose but that’s only one guy compared to two closers. Plus Wade has been in this position before and did it pretty much by himself with an aging Shaquille O’Neal. So probably take my word on one of these picks and the other pick just go the other way. Find one that you disagree on and that is probably the one I’ll lose. I will hope to see the Heat and Thunder in the finals.

Just have to make a note since I haven’t been posting lately about Harmon Killebrew. If you haven’t heard he is in hospice and can’t fight the cancer anymore, as it has progressed more then the doctors thought it would have. Although we have not lost him yet he is spending his last days with his wife and probably watching Twins games even if the Twins are playing there worst baseball since, I don’t know I’ll say sometime in the 90’s. This is a horrible time for the Twins to be playing so horribly, I mean give him one more Twins win when he is still living on this Earth. He is a great man and was a great ball player. He is 11th on the all time home run list and will always be number one home run hitter for the Twins, at least for me. Twins baseball won’t be the same but will live on, rest in peace.

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The no hitter

So Francisco Liriano of all the pitchers out there threw a no-hitter and the first one for this season. This was Liriano’s first complete game, first shut out, and first no-hitter of his career. I have no idea where this start came from but he wasn’t awesome he was just very good in this start, some say this no hitter didn’t look pretty. He only struck out two while walking six and having a pitch count of 123 pitches with only 66 strikes and 57 balls. That is not a good ball to strike ratio at all. And as I said before Liriano had a 9.13 earned run average with a 1-4 record for the season and coming into this game. Personally I am just impressed with the shutout itself but to no hit a pretty good lineup is impressive. People could say well he just threw balls to the good hitters and didn’t give them anything to hit because of all the walks. Well this is not true because he only walked Paul Konerko once and Carlos Quentin once. He walked the lefty Juan Pierre three times, and I know he didn’t do that on purpose. You see with Liriano he will walk guys he can get out and then pitch to big guys that have good numbers against him while being careful to them at times. I really think Liriano pitched this no hitter because of me. I posted way earlier how I didn’t think it was a good idea that we were thinking about trading Liriano and that we should sign him and then he goes 1-4 with a very high ERA. Then about a week ago I post how much Liriano sucks and say we should have traded him and then he throws a no-hitter in his next start. So obviously I need to bad talk Liriano to get him to be good. I am happy for him and it is about time the Twins get a no hitter because our last no hitter was Eric Milton in 1999, 12 years ago. I mean Mark Buehrle has thrown two no hitters, one perfect game, since 1999. So one person gets two and the Twins didn’t have any until now, it’s about time. This no-no is special but doesn’t mean Liriano is going to pitch this effective in his next start. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Liriano go four or five innings in his next start while giving up 5 earned runs. This start is a great sign but I still think he has a lot of work to do. We don’t need a no hitter every start from him we just need a quality start every time he goes out, and that means 3 runs or less given up in 7 innings or more. If he can do that for the majority of his starts the rest of the year then he is an ace in my mind. But with his ERA still over 6.00 and with a losing record he is not my ace on my team even with a no hitter. I know I sound negative on him, but I really was excited when I saw him get the last out on his no hitter. I hope he enjoys this no hitter as long as he can and bring that confidence in his next start and into the rest of the long baseball season.

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Round 2

Obviously I was wrong with some of my picks for the NBA first round playoffs as the Denver Nuggets got dominated by the Thunder and the New York Knicks got swept by the Celtics. Also the Magic and Spurs got bounced out of the first round and it wasn’t so surprising but I thought both of them would get it done, especially the Spurs. I do have to give big time credit to the Memphis Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks for playing very well and taking there play into the first game of the second round as well. Being 50% right, 4/8, for my picks isn’t horrible but it’s not the best. Now I hope I can pick the second round matchups a little better. Since the Boston Celtics won when I didn’t think they would maybe I should pick them to beat the Miami Heat, but I am not going to do that. The Heat won the first game of the series but this series is far from over and the Celtics always seem to lose the first game of a series and then bounce back to win game two, so it doesn’t matter that much that they lost game one. I do think Miami will close this series out and win though, with home court or not. The Thunder are already down to Memphis and lost home court, but they are able to rebound from that. Overall if Zach Randolph plays every game in this series as good as he has been playing Memphis will take this series, so I have to go with the hot hand in Memphis to take this series and it could be in pretty easy fashion. As for the other two matchups both teams I think are going to win the series have already fallen into a 1-0 hole and lost home court for right now. The Bulls lost to the Hawks but I still think they can comeback and take this series. Although the ATL is playing awesome right now I have to go with the MVP in Derick Rose to take this team to the Eastern Conference Finals. And as for the Lakers losing to the number three seed in the Dallas Mavericks yesterday I can’t see Dallas closing out this series. I mean they lost a game to the Portland Trail Blazers when they were up by plus 20 points in the 3rd quarter, and they also lost to the Miami Heat in the 2006 NBA Finals when they were up 2-0 in the series, losing 4-2 for the Heat and Wade to claim the championship. To me they are playoff team that chokes. Lakers are too good of a team and are the NBA back-to-back Finals Champions. I can’t go against them until they lose a series or get a big role player injured. So if you trust me pick the Heat, Lakers, Bulls, and Grizzlies to go into the Western and Eastern Conference Finals. I hope I can be 4-0 for this round but we’ll see how well I know the teams that can win in crunch time.

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The most talked about thing since yesterday night has been Osama Bin Laden’s death, so of course you know what I am going to talk about. I was watching the Phillies and Mets game last night when I heard it on TV and the way the fans of Philadelphia reacted was simply an awesome sight. They all stood up and started chanting USA! As a fan of baseball it just seems like the sport has played a huge role in some of the most tragic and historic events, all sports do really and that’s a great thing. Last night was a huge night for America and all of us should celebrate and rejoice. I am really happy about the news and most if not all Americas are as well, but at the same time it is not something I wanted to be happy about. I rather be just normal right now instead of extremely happy because I wish all of this never happened. This news is something that is special but I wish this never had to be news and a day to rejoice in the first place. Unfortunately this is a time where we can be happy about a death because we didn’t have any control on what happened about 10 years ago to America, we didn’t know this was going to happen. I think everyone would rather have Osama alive and have the tragic day of 9/11 never happen. I would definitely trade that. But since it did happen under no control by us I am very happy about this news for the American people and especially the families that lost there loved ones in this sad horrible attack.
On another note I want to personally critisis George Bush for not even getting close to Osama and his location under seven years of office after this event took place. Barack Obama located him and approved this attack on Osama in only two years in office. I believe this locks up another four years for Obama, this is that BIG. And why wouldn’t it be this big? Almost ten years of not getting close to Osama and 20 years of Osama being on the most wanted list moving up to number one when 9/11 happened. This is truly a huge event and one of the most happiest and best deaths ever. Again this death changes nothing about all the terrific people’s lives that were lost in this event, it’ll never bring them back but at least it is something good that came out of this. No one will ever be the same if they lost someone in this horrific event, but now maybe some people will be a little more happy then they have been since 9/10/01.

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Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie

The Chicago White Soxs manager, Ozzie Guillen, is serving a two game suspension and has been fined for things he said on the internet during a Soxs and Yankees game. First off the MLB should not be involved with what the players and managers say online. For punishing players for what they say online is unfair and I think goes against the freedom of speech because they are saying these things online within there own time. I don’t have a problem with the MLB or NFL stepping in if a player tweets during a game but when managers or players aren’t in the game or are not on the bench I believe it is okay. Guillen was kicked out of the game which means he can not be involved with the game or be in the dugout and that is when he tweeted. So I see nothing wrong with when and what he said. If the media wasn’t all over the place we wouldn’t know what anyone would say or when they say it! So this fine and suspension is ridiculous and although people were expecting something to happen to Guillen for what he did I really think the best thing they could have done was leave it alone but they didn’t. I know they want to make an example out of him because he is the manager, but if I was thrown out of a game I would do want I wanted to do because I am no longer needed in that game. Hell Guillen could have gone to a strip club when he got tossed out but then they probably would have suspended him for that too becasue he went there during a game, haha. I’m sure they wouldn’t fine or suspend a player that was injured for tweeting during the time that his team played. I say if you are a player and you are thrown out of a game, not with your team for family related matters, or injured it’s all right for you to write or type what you want to and publish it online during a game. I don’t expect the MLB to get this and change there minds but I am just pointing out how stupid some on these rules are. The only reason they have the rules and enforce the “rules” are to make sure the players, managers, and the overall sports population know that they are in charge and no one can mess with them. Besides that some of the rules mean nothing, especially the tweeting during a game rule.

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