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If anyone has been watching the World Series the past couple of games they have seen the Rangers being dominated. There pitching has struggled, they have stranded some base runners on, and haven’t had a great team attitude for some … Continue reading

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The Simple “Sorry”

Some might think an apology is worthless. Some are brought up learning to know when they screwed up and they were wrong, so they know they should apologize. Some are not taught that, and some just don’t listen and think … Continue reading

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I read this blog on yesterday, very ignorant and stupid. After I read it I was like why did I waste my time, but then I got mad, so I was going to leave him a comment and I … Continue reading

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Basketball’s a Sport!

I read over my blogs yesterday and today because I decided to check my punctuation and spelling, since Smith points out my mistakes. Now I have to be extremely careful with my spelling and punctuation, I would have to any … Continue reading

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I recently have been reading over one blogger by one, Ken Levine, and he was talking about the airport system and how it is not customer friendly, too expensive, doesn’t tell the people what is going on, and overall, not … Continue reading

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Find a Way to Win

The saying, “we need to find a way to win” is more than just a quote for the Dallas Cowboys. They need to win and I don’t know how they can win after seeing them today. Getting off to a … Continue reading

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A Heartbreaker

The Vikings looked bad again, I have no idea when they will get their act together and it is getting a little late. Vikings faithful might be lossing faith, especially when we are looking to go 2-5 because we are … Continue reading

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