Read some ignorant comments on a website about the playoffs and some guys trashing twins fans and saying how they are assholes. This guy said he was a Yankee fan, haha, so I know people can’t take him to seriously, considering New York and Boston have the most annoying fans out there. On another note the Twins play their last game today because Gardy can’t beat the Yanks, our pitching struggles in high pressure situations against the Yanks, and hitting freezes against them, even when we have some threat going we find a way to hit out of it against no name bullpen guys from the Yanks bullpen. Of course I’m excluding Ravira and Wood. Good season twins and the fans are not or never will be as annoying as the Yanks, and if we do it is only cause were sick of the other shit talking annoying fans. I hope the Yankees don’t win the World Series, and they are only good because New York is rich, always root for the underdog and not for the rich folks.

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