A lot of upsets in football today. Oakland beating Chargers, Arizona beating Saints, Tampa Bay beating Cinncy, Warshington beating Green Bay (happy about that), and Giants beating Texans. I only picked Warshignton to win out of all those upsets, what do I know haha. Can’t wait for the Viks game tomorrow and see what Moss can bring on Monday Night Football again. He has 16 TD’s in 16 games on MNF. I don’t know how Favre will do even with Moss and if that one girl is their that he sent those messages and pictures to, haha, we shall see. It might not be a surprise but I’m taking the Vikings tomorrow.  Also on a baseball term I just Want to take a minute and criticize the Braves. First off I like the Braves and Bobby Cox but they had that game today and their second baseman totally blew it for them. Martin Prado getting injured might have just cost the Braves a NLCS appearance. Cox needs to bench that second baseman, Conrad, because he had 3 errors today and when I was in 9th grade I played second and i could have made every play he booted today. He is a horrible fielder and went 0-3 as well, why is he even in the Majors because he can hit two grand slams in a season I guess but that only goes so far. This organization needed to go in their minors league and find a guy that can field second base and who cares what he does on offense, Conrad is a choker, a bad fielder, and an less than average hitter, keep him on the bench for pinch hitting, if the Braves are going to keep him on the roster. Please, PLEASE Braves call someone else up or move a random guy on the bench to that position, even if it is a pitcher! That’s all for today gotta watch some Family Guy, whoever read this ha.

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