True Picture

The Vikings didn’t do to well last night, actually pretty pathetic. Favre looked like he was 41 for most of the game and at the end he looked like a 41 year old with a badly injured elbow. The play calling should have been better, but what else is knew with brad Childresse’s play calling. They should have run the ball more and established it earlier and the defense should have stopped the run better. That is the only bad thing I have to say about the D of the Viks because they have kept us in every single game this year, amazing how they hold teams to field goals, but we need to get more INTs of the D to become a fully awesome defense. On another note congrats Favre on 500th career TD to Moss, I called that by the way. Also great catch by Harvin for his second TD of the night, incredible catch and getting the left foot down.

In baseball terms that was a choke by the Braves. Not only did they lose two games at home and get eliminated by the Giants and a bad pitcher in game 4. Conrad totally blew it, as I discussed how bad he was in game 3, and saw the Braves of course bench him in game four, a game too late. It’s bad that everyone had to see Bobby Cox go out like that when the braves should have won both of those games, Wagner getting injured did not help in anyway either. Tonight I am rooting for the Rangers to win and wonder how they have blown a 2-0 lead over the Rays. Cliff Lee is going tonight against Price, match up dos,2, I think Lee will dominate again and make the Rangers have a great chance of winning and facing the Yanks in game one at home. It all depends on how Price pitches tonight and if the Rangers offense can get anything down, which I think they are the most potent offense in the postseason even with the Yanks and Phillies still in it, I’d pick the Ranger lineup.  Reasons why, Yankee’s have experience but are getting older and with them facing better pitching against the Rangers, Texas will have a really good chance to win that series because of home field and they have proven they can win away from home and now they need to prove they can do it again and do it in Yankee Stadium. The Phillies lineup is good but Texas has more speed and are more aggressive. Look for Texas to go along way if they can win tonight.

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  1. also michael says:

    i really like your style… flows like a river.

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