Like I said

Now like I said if Texas gets the job done, which they did yesterday, they are a force to reckon with and will most likely go to the world Series, as long as they can win in Yankee Stadium. They won all their road games so far and have proven the crippledness of their team, winning on the road against a playoff team. Rangers used their base running and hitting/power yesterday, as well as a complete game 11 SO’s by Cliff Lee. Like I said all those things will make Texas a World Series winner. They match up well against every team and just need to have the confidence and understanding of that they are better than the other team. They have seemed like they know all that about themselves already after losing two straight to the Rays, they come back and win game five.

I want to make a note about Arian Foster from the Huston Texans. Even though he had a horrible week 6 only rushing for 27 yards and a bad looking lose to a struggling team at home in the N.Y.G. He is the leagues leading rusher after six weeks of football and he was an undrafted player. He is impressive so far and I hope he can keep it up at the end of the season and show up Chris “Dumb-ass” Johnson. He shouldn’t of held-out on the Titans after one good year in the NFL and Tennesse shouldn’t have given him the money, same with Darrelle “Over-rated” Revis. Revis is more of a bust than Johnson this year, he wasn’t in shape enough for week one and got beat by by Moss for a TD pass in the Pats Jets game earlier this season, as seen by most people. He also injured himself trying to catch up to Moss on that play and hasn’t been affected for the Jets team and definitely not the number one corner in the league or even on that team anymore, Cromartie is the better one now after that Monday night game. The Jets shouldn’t have given in and Revis knew he would get the money and now makes the most money of any corner-back, man he played the Jets into his hand and he was a baby about the whole pay thing as well. Same with Chris Johnson, but I’ll burn Chris Johnson some other time, especially if he does not lead the league in rushing yards this year because he is supposedly the best running back in the National football league. That’s all for now way to be a fool of the National Football League JETS and wish you the worst the rest of the year, good luck with Sanchez.

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