Know When you can Speak

An interesting thing I learned today on PTI, Pardon The Interruption. Apparently Justin Bieber dissed Tom Brady in a rap that he made. First off I was never a fan of Tom Brady because he beat the Rams in the Super Bowl, but last couple of years he hasn’t bother me anymore. Anyways I don’t like Bever or whatever and my hate grew for him when I heard this. This kid is just an awful dude in the first place and a horrible singer, he is the next Chris Brown, when he grows up puberty will hit and he will suck at singing and lose his fame. He should stick to singing and not rapping if anything at all. Also keep people that have way more credibility and are more famous than you out your mouth, when you are just going to diss him to make yourself look good. I believe in free speech just not in an ignorant little kid saying they had a hair style first or some stupid thing like that. Brady actually is known for having talent not for having a good voice at a young age, I and a great voice at a younger age but then I hit puberty with my voice at about 14 or 15, he is just a late bloomer haha. No one should actually be taking this seriously because he is a stupid-ass kid but it’s just annoying to hear about that on a sports show where I don’t expect to hear about Bever, that’s why I watch those types of shows. 

Anyway,can’t wait for the game tomorrow, rooting for the Rangers, I think Wilson will keep up with C.C. each frame of the game tomorrow. Also some Texas Ranger has to hit a homer off C.C., it’s too good of a right handed line-up not to hit one off him, but we’ll see if C.C. keeps the ball down all game I could be wrong.

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