Very nice win for the Rangers today, there bullpen actually held up. They scored a lot from Andrus stealing bases to Murphey hitting a homer and Kinsler a tripel. Coby Lewis got the job done and won, so did C.J. Wilson yesterday and he deserved a win just as much. Also I did say Hughes would leave pitches over the plate and that’s what he did all day long in 4 Innings Pitched and 7 earned runs. I think game 3 has a good chance of going to the Rangers because of Cliff Lee and they are saying, “well he is going against Andy Pettitte and he is the biggest game pitcher out their,” I don’t think he is we don’t know what kind of pitcher he really is or would be today if he didn’t use steroids, HGH, so why name him a big game pitcher, he is kind of overrated. I will say Lee will out deul Pettitte because Lee is a better pitcher and a playoff pitcher. It’ll be a good game to watch. The Phils lost tonight of course in a 1 run game 4-3. Giants are the masters at 1-run games. In fact every game they have been in has been a 1-run game, where they have only lost one of those games. They beat the ATL 1-0 than lost 4-5 than won 3-2 and won again 3-2. So they are just adding on the close game, it seems that they like to do that a lot, clinched against the Padres on the last day. I personally want the Giants to win the series but we’ll see if that happens, they are the best match up against the Phils in the NL cause Phils can beat the Reds and Atlanta. These series should go to at least six games and I think the Rangers could win in 5 if they execute well in games, remember they haven’t lost a road game yet this playoffs, although they have struggled in the past year at Yankee Stadium. We’ll see what kind of rangers will show up, the road warriors or the star chumps. Road warriors win in 5 and star chumps lose in 5. I won’t be able to see the Viks tomorrow but I have a good feeling they will pull this game into a win, lets just say we match up pretty well against the Cowboys. Good night tonight and tomorrow, it’s almost Sunday. I’m going to go kill a lady bug.

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  1. also michael says:

    You certainly sound authorative… drives me to want to read more, but maybe start keeping track of your predictions! Suggest you start a nnew topic with the first couple of words (or topic key word) in BOLD or CAPS just show your starting to chew on something new but keeps the content flowing (not messy paragraph breaks). How about a little mercy for the Phillies, Barnez — afterall, the Giants use play in New York, you know, which means they’re practically Yankees! I think you deserve a following of readers (even if it is from other sports fans who disagree with you). Very smooth writing from you but… Get a dictionary, Barnes!!!

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