Good Job!

As seen on TV, whoever watched it yesterday, the Rangers demolished the Yankees. I think by this win the Rangers will take the series because they proved they can win in Yankee Stadium and of course Cliff Lee was dominating as usual. As I type I am watching the Giants and Phillies game, where the Giants are out dueling the Phils. Giants are the best match-up against the Phils as I said before, they are up 3-0 going into the 7th. They have impressed me, but I still think the Phillies will have a chance to beat the Giants even with a loss today. As a commenter said, “I should be nicer to the Phillies because the Giants use to play in New York and I don’t like New York,” so I am giving Phillies props for their pitching staff in saying they still have a chance to win the series even with a loss today. I will still go the Giants way, as they haven’t been in the World Series in a few years and the Phillies have been. So we could possibly see a Rangers against Giants World Series, which I would pick the Rangers to win, but that is a potential match-up. I still think the Rangers will win and the Phillies and Giants series still up in the air for me.

On another subject Brett Favre is meeting with the NFL today about his controversial texting and picture sending. I say it was two years ago first off and the girl is not even a Jets employee anymore. Obviously she wants money because she probably doesn’t have a job. She could be making this story up or she could be telling the truth. I think since it was two years ago this girl has a horrible sense of judgement, especially since she leaked the photos and texts messages out the week before he played the Jets on Monday Night Football, coincidence, I think not. The Jets are a shady team and would do low blows like this. Personally I think Favre was involved with something with this girl because he seems a little touchy about the subject when asked about it, but who wouldn’t be. Another football subject Chris Johnson rushed for 111 yards on MNF last night. People might think of course he did, what else is new. He is still not the top back in the NFL and shouldn’t of gotten paid that much money and did a holdout. He was against a horrible defense and he got most of those yards at the very end of the game, where it was obvious the Titans were just trying to give Chris Johnson better stats so he looks good. Lets just say Tennessee gives him the ball more at the end of the game and therefore he gets more carries to get the yards he wants for his stats posting only a 4.3 yards per carry. Adrian Peterson is still the number one back because he breaks more tackles, runs hard, is a pure runner, and has great vision. Peterson is consistent and has been in then league longer and every week he goes out he makes defenses go into the 8 man box. This year he is only posting a 4.9 yards per carry but that is better than Johnson’s. Peterson gets positive yards on most of his carries and can break the long run. Johnson just looks for the long run, only look out for himself. Johnson also only has had 1 full year of taking the load of carries and teams didn’t know about him or prepared as they did with Peterson. Peterson is also the single game yard record for rushing yards in a game and Johnson hasn’t beaten that yet and will never beat it. Peterson has controled his fumbling this year with 0 and Johnson has 3 and 2 of which he lost. Peterson is the natural instinct runner. Have a good day hope you enjoyed.

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2 Responses to Good Job!

  1. alsomichael says:

    This “commentator” says Go Phillies! no matter what. But as you’ve done so well before, you create a very fluid diatribe with these posts. LOSE is as in “lose a game,” LOSS is as in “it’s his loss,” and LOOSE is as in “asfter getting hit in the mouth, his tooth was loose.” Easy to get these three confused.

  2. barnez28 says:

    Nice catch on the lose and loss. Sometimes I just start writing without looking my grammar over. I try not to have bad grammar.

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