I’ll start off talking about Texas today. They lost yesterday by Wilson not pitching to well, but they will win the series because they are at home with Lewis and Lee pitching, they’ll win either game. The Giants have a chance today to go to the World Series, which is good. Nothing against the Phillies but the Giants pitching has been better and could even say it is better, at least in the playoffs when it counts. It was a heartbreak last night for the Phils, when they were up 4-2 in the 5th. Usually a game like that four runs is enough to beat the Giants. Anyway, as long as Texas does its job tomorrow they will end up beating the champions.

On another note it doesn’t look to good for Vikings faithful right now because of Brett Favre deciding to pull a Tiger Woods on us. If he plays half as bad as Tiger did when the allegations came out the Viks are screwed. For Favre I think he has more to lose then Tiger did because Tiger only had one kid and it was a baby. Farve has a whole family and will affect all of them and more people watch and are fans of football, which will affect them as well. When Favre comes out and finally tells the truth that will be a good sign, but none of the supposedly three woman have said anything. Favre is not going to be in as big of a hole that Tiger was because Tiger had actual relationships with tons of women and got caught, ouch! Favre only has three woman who he might have done something with, who knows, it was probably just voice mails I mean he was 39 when he called them, haha. He’s just like a crazy old horny man next door neighbor type, give him a break. On a serious note Favre isn’t as bad as Woods, but he has more to lose then Woods ever did. Hope Favre can come out and throw some TD passes against Green Bay, which are probably ecstatic about the Favre’s troubles right now, and beat them, of course I’m a Vikings faithful why else would I talk about this if I wasn’t.

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