The Facebook?

So I saw the Social Network, thoughts; it was okay but a little boring. I didn’t see it to be entertained but mainly to see about what the story was all about. It was an interesting and a good story. I actually looked up those names today and saw that the movie was extremely close to what happened in real life about the creating of Facebook. It’s mainly about friendship, being a genius, and getting sued. I have heard about what a lot of people think and people don’t like the main creator of Facebook, probably because he is truthful and really smart, those guys are always assholes they can’t help it haha. I am surprisingly on the side of the main creator because he shouldn’t have been sued twice. First the douche bag twin brothers had no right saying it was their idea, I mean seriously this kid did it all by himself in his dorm room and it just shows how stupid these guys are by getting played by him, Mark with an amazingly hard last name to spell, probably not hard for him the genius he is ha. He did all the work and mixed ideas on how to create it and what it was all about, from my understanding. Although the twins had some good ideas about it, they didn’t have the full idea that Mark had or the brains to do half the creativeness he did. Plus he wanted to do this project with his friend and not stupid ass twins who think they know everything, hell they even think they created Facebook, exactly what kind of work did they do for it. Facebook was out for 36 hours before they even found out about it how stupid are they, and why should these two douche bag Harvard spoiled kids get a penny from him? The whole thing blows my mind how these brothers got 65 million from him in court and they want MORE! Unbelievable. Anyway, the other person who sued him was his friend, Eduardo Saverin, who had more of a right to sue him because he funded the company and got played and he ended up owning only .03% of the Facebook. He was the main funder, but I can see why Mark jipped him because he froze the money and almost killed Facebook. Really it was just two friends who were acting stupid and needed to get their shit together. So recap of the movie it was a good story and got me thinking about it. It makes me see how the court system is kind of messed up with the Winklevoss twins being idiots and getting tons of money for it, doesn’t make sense. I wish I was that stupid so I could sue someone for doing all the work when I had one small idea and told that guy about it and said you can work on it by yourself and we are trying to help “your reputation,” which is a douche bag thing to say to someone you want help from, out by letting you do all the work. Mark took a very small braid idea of these guys and expanded it into a brilliant idea. That’s the main problem I have with this story, it is very controversal, but people should open their eyes, especially the court systems and see who is the real creator and genius behind the Facebook. I personally don’t have a Facebook, haha I know people who read this might say then why am I talking, it is just a good story and I have a right to take a side on who is right and wrong, right doesn’t always win.
Speaking of that, right did win tonight by Texas beating the Yankees finally. Like I said they are the most talented team in many ways by the kind of depth they have with power, starting pitching, base running, stealing, fielding, managing, and team chemistry.

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2 Responses to The Facebook?

  1. also michael says:

    I like your thoughts on this movie and becaue of them, I’ll have to go see it! There’s no such word as “anyways” but there is a word “anyway.” So anyway, your Rangers beat the Yankees and are going down in history as the second best team in 2010. Go Phillies!!! (This is a showdown, you weasel!)

  2. barnez28 says:

    The Phillies lost to the Giants, so it is the Giants and Rangers in a showdown. The Rangers will win.

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