Rangers V. Giants

What a Series it shall be, a team with the best line-up in the AL and the team with the best pitching overall. I believe the Rangers will easily win this Series, as I have hyped them up the last couple of weeks, since the Rays Series. Giants won the Phils Series and made it look easy, same with the Rangers against the Yankees. I think it should be good games, but the Rangers will win more games maybe in five games. That’s really all I have to say today, I had a long day of walking around a great City today, Chicago. I know I am a Vikings fan and why am I in Chicago saying it’s awesome, well because it is, at least the City that is. Don’t get it twisted I still hate Da Bears and Soxes and the Bears are definitely not going to win the division or go to the playoffs, even with the best record in our division so far, they are not as good as their record. You’ll see. I guess I did have more, but that’s it!

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