A Heartbreaker

The Vikings looked bad again, I have no idea when they will get their act together and it is getting a little late. Vikings faithful might be lossing faith, especially when we are looking to go 2-5 because we are playing the Patriots in our next game and we are obviously not going to play up to our potential again. We will probably just fall a couple of points short again. Tonight it wasn’t a good game; bad play calling in both half’s by Childress again, some questionable refing call with the overturned TD, horrible passing by Favre again, and no pressuring of the QB. An example of bad play calling is not going for a big play at the end of the half to maybe have something happen, and he didn’t run it down the Packers throats as much to tire them out, when the Viks D held the cheese heads on fourth and inches we were driving by running the ball and tiring the defense out, we decided to pass it on second down from the Packers 37 and the next play Favre forced a ball and got picked by Collins. Why didn’t we run it on second down when the run was working and the defense was wearing out and made Favre think he had to get the first down by forcing the ball. This lead to Ryan Longwell, a great kicker, not even getting an attempt at a 50 yarder. An example of bad refing is the Shiancoe TD being overturned, it was inconclusive and if you call it TD on the field keep it that way, it just makes you guys look like you second guess yourselves! Also that pansy call at the end of the half of pass interference on Moss when he got a big play down the field it was his finger tips touching the back, let them play! Bad passing by Farve, was him trying to force the ball on third down, than after his first pick throwing it right to the defender and he returned it all the way for a defensive touchdown. Why and how he just decided to throw it to him, I don’t know, maybe he wanted to throw one last touchdown pass in Lambeau to a Packer. Another bad thing is that our defensive line, Edwards with 1.5 sacks, Allen with 1, Williams Wall with one combined. Horrible ratio of sacking the QB by our defensive line. Another topic on that subject is what is up with giving a guy a half of a sack, .5, I don’t get it. Well I will just leave that to the stats masters.

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