Find a Way to Win

The saying, “we need to find a way to win” is more than just a quote for the Dallas Cowboys. They need to win and I don’t know how they can win after seeing them today. Getting off to a good start for themselves they “found a way” to mess up the game, it is pretty entertaining to watch, especially since I don’t like Dallas. When Romo went down for Dallas you could just tell this team was going to be as good as the Lions with Kitna. Although they lost, it is funny that the New York Giants let them back in the game by fumbling the ball twice and Manning throwing another pick. Luckily for the Giants the Cowboys aren’t good and don’t know how to come back. All the energy was drained from the Cowboys from the start of the 3rd quarter on, with the exception of one excited Dez Bryant. Man he seemed to enjoy just playing football, and I think he was a big reason the Cowboys made it a close at the end of the game by scoring 3 times by himself. Looking at this team makes more faith for the Vikings faithful.

Speaking of them Favre might be out for Sundays game against the Pats. Some questions about him this week: Will he play or not? If not how long will he be out? Is it better for the Viks that this injury came to Favre by the way he has been playing lately? Will the streak come to an end? and did he take those pictures? haha. I think he won’t play and could be out for 2 weeks and that means the streak will end at 291, unfortunately. I hope Tarvaris Jackson can get ready for this game and not make mistakes because I think we have a chance to win if he just manages the game, which he can do. In that way it could be better for the Viks. I was kidding about the last question, but I think he did not, come on he’s forty-one, seriously think about it. All I know is that the Cowboys and Vikings, as Wade Phillips said in his interview today, “Need to Find a Way to Win!” If not, they done!

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2 Responses to Find a Way to Win

  1. also michael says:

    Your Vikings should be playing as well as you are writing… I am not kidding or sugar-coating you. This may be your specific style for this specific genre but it is VERY GOOD and flows like a river (or lava, or something)! Very opinionated but impressive prose, I;d say. Do you care if I pass this site on to a couple of hard-core football folks for them to enjoy (and maybe disagree)? Seriously, Mr. Barnes, very entertaining writing!

  2. barnez28 says:

    Haha, thank you. I don’t care who you pass it on to.

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