I recently have been reading over one blogger by one, Ken Levine, and he was talking about the airport system and how it is not customer friendly, too expensive, doesn’t tell the people what is going on, and overall, not helpful. He got a lot of crap for this, which surprised me because I didn’t think anyone likes flying on the airlines. This blog story reminded me of an experience I had at Hy-Vee just last week. I went to Hy-Vee south and no one said anything to me at the door or greeted me, and no one asked if I needed help. I didn’t need help, but most stores ask me that, like Best Buy did 3 times in the 12 minutes when I was in there. Back to Hy-Vee, it wasn’t that thing that bothered me about Hy-Vee, but when I got to a line with a book, a Sudoku, and a pack of trident layer gum, I was coincidently going on a plane in an hour, ha, there was a lady in front of me with a lot of grocery items. I figured it would take about two minutes or so to ring them up and three to bag. Boy was I wrong. The guy who was bagging her items was a little slow mentally, don’t mean to be rude, and the guy at the register was a regular dude, but he was swipping the items and bagging them up slower than the other guy was. So while this is happening my mom and I are just standing there with three items waiting to be rung up after the register person was done ringing the lady up. Did he do this? NO! I don’t know why, it wouldn’t have taken that long, I mean three items to be rung up while the other guy is bagging the ladies things, I mean we don’t even need a bag for these items! He just ignored us and started bagging up the ladies stuff. So as were waiting upon 5 minutes after he was done ringing the lady up, they’re not half-way done bagging things and the lady is just watching them the whole time. Why doesn’t she help, it’s her stuff why is she just standing there like a dumb ass. So probably about 10 minutes is up, and I know what your thinking why didn’t we go to a different aisle, well we were trapped between a guy and a girl behind us and the old lady in front of us, and we were next in line. We were thinking how much longer could this take? So the lady in the back of the line was there for about 5 minutes she moves and goes to another register while Curly and Moe over here are still trying to bag up the ladies stuff. The woman in the back of the line was rung up before I was and she had more things! I don’t know how smart or talented you have to be to become a bag boy and/or a cashier, but Hy-Vee’s way of hiring people is no to high, so if you are homeless or a monkey for that matter, apply to a Hy-Vee, please! It was ridiculous waiting about 15 minutes for them to bag this up I was about to just take her stuff and start bagging for them and say, “See how easy it is!” When we got up and he rang our three little items up, he had the NERVE to ask my mom if we wanted a bag! I just took all our stuff with one hand and walked away and my mom said no, with a smirk, haha. Luckily I made my flight, and if you read Levine’s blog about Airlines I might not have been too lucky to have made it. I mean the plane was pretty small and not meant for tall people I can tell you that. I’m not tall, but I even had to duck quite a way down to get to my seat. Also I had a backpack and a carry-on-bag that kept bumping into the seats because the aisle was so small, yes small planes only have one aisle.

Here’s the website to the Airlines blog, “http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2010/10/open-letter-to-airlines-we-hate-you.html”

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