Basketball’s a Sport!

I read over my blogs yesterday and today because I decided to check my punctuation and spelling, since Smith points out my mistakes. Now I have to be extremely careful with my spelling and punctuation, I would have to any way if I want to become a writer. Also I put a space to show I was going to another subject, as Smith so nicely pointed out as well. I just didn’t put a space because I try to relate two different things so I consider it the same thing.

I watched some of the game, Boston vs. Miami. I wasn’t too impressed with Miami, but Wade wasn’t a hundred percent, as anyone could see if they watched the game yesterday. Miami did come back a little bit, thanks to Lebron taking over the game at the end of the third quarter. Now I’m not a big basketball fan anymore, I use to watch it all the time and play it, but I’m trying to get into again this year. I always watched the Timberwovles when Garnett played for us, but now it is just boring to watch them. I rooted for the Lakers last year because I hate Boston, of course. It was entertaining to watch Lebron get booed every-time he touched the ball, I think he is getting some karma back from how he made his decision to go to the Heat. I didn’t have a problem with him leaving Clevland, although he is the most hated man in that city, I just don’t like how he did it. A whole hour of Lebron James called, “The Decision”. Way too dramatic and stupid. Basketball is a sport not a Soap Opera! This is part of a reason why I stopped liking basketball and another reason is all the pansy ass charge fouls and hacks. There are way too may fouls called in basketball and that stops the game from good action. The refs are worse in basketball than any other sport, maybe it is because they were all betting on game? I don’t know. NBA is not nearly as worse as college basketball, they call so many charging calls it’s too horrible to watch, I would rather watch GOLF! I don’t like to complain about fouls in any sport, but I like to see action and aggressive play, basketball is just not that anymore. I will still watch more this year and I hope the refs will let them play more, and I hope the players will stop complaining to the refs about no-foul calls, that is annoying as well. The worst team that I have problems with is the Celtics; I think they practice acting all the time in practice. Allen, Pierce, and Big Baby Davis are the worst, I’m excluding Garnet he is just aggressive. I don’t like to watch babies in a sport that I’m watching or actresses for that matter.

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2 Responses to Basketball’s a Sport!

  1. also michael says:

    but also remember that “also michael” also said your flow and content are really good and you are developing your own style, so don’t sweat the punctuation and stuff, and certainly not at the expense of distracting you from writing out what you want to say. Just thought I’d toss out a few edits. I’m really enjoying your writing.

  2. barnez28 says:

    Yes I know what else you said, I have no problem with good criticism, it makes me a better writer and learn from it.

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