I read this blog on yesterday, very ignorant and stupid. After I read it I was like why did I waste my time, but then I got mad, so I was going to leave him a comment and I was very vulgar, to say the least. So after I was done writing what I had to say, I summitted it and it has to be approved or something by this guy. We all know that wasn’t going to happen, so I look today and my comment isn’t there because he obviously didn’t like what I had to say about him. His blog was called, “Brett Favre is A Bitch”. If you ask me he is the real bitch. He was complaining about how Favre sucks and that he is a Vikings fan and he should be benched and that he over exaggerates every injury he gets and always hobbles off the field after he throws a INT to let people know he is injured and that is why he threw it, according to drew a dumb-ass from I agreed with the part about Favre does make his injury be pointed out more when he throws a pick, but how the hell does he have the right to diss Favre and even talk about football. He is obviously not a real fan of football because Favre is one of the best QB’s ever to play the game. Yea he is older and will make more mistakes and even will get injured more. He’s a fragile old man now, why are you talking shit about him when you couldn’t even do half the things Favre has done in one year. I am a Vikings fan before I will ever be a Favre fan, but most importantly I am a REAL football fan. I hate Tom Brady because he beat the Rams, Carolina, and the Eagles in the Superbowl, all teams I wanted to win. But I know Brady is one of the elite QB’s of this era and would never trash talk him about things off the field. I have criticized players, everyone has, but not this extent that this guy did. Not only did he shit talk Favre he also dissed Al Michaels, one of the better announcers and a respected one in the NFL. Why bring him into this and why call Favre “The toughest pussy around”. I don’t get it, you say he is tough and he has played in the most games than anyone and say you couldn’t do anything he has, but you still trash talk him. Get your shit straight, be a man. Write another post saying that you are a dumb-ass that doesn’t know what he is talking about and knows nothing, and I mean doesn’t know shit about football! Real fans know what I’m talking about. Also all the comments on their surprised me, more than half agreed with him, even a foreign guy complaining about how his country left him or some shit. Hey buddy a country is extremely hard to move and I’m pretty sure if you are in the U.S. you left your country. And this guy was talking about how Favre sucks and that he is a Vikings fan, you are NOT! Either of these guys are. I know these people are on deadspin, the dumb-ass of all website and the worst website that should never be taken seriously, especially the people who write blogs on their, but I was just on there to see what shit they were talking about Favre these days. And it is real SHIT they are talking about. Wouldn’t recommend that website but here is the link to the post that dumb-ass made. Please leave a comment to him and disagree, I know it won’t be approved, but he will get it on his email and read it, it will annoy him, trust me.

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