The Simple “Sorry”

Some might think an apology is worthless. Some are brought up learning to know when they screwed up and they were wrong, so they know they should apologize. Some are not taught that, and some just don’t listen and think they know everything and never do anything wrong. People don’t realize how much a simple “sorry” can mean to others. A sorry can be for being stupid, hurting someone’s feelings, or just being wrong and knowing it. I was grown up and taught to do the simple “sorry” and know when I’m wrong or hurt someone’s feelings. Now I will apologize to people who read, “Hy-Vee=Monkey”, and became offended by me saying “the guy was a little slow mentally.” I will apologize for those whose feelings I hurt, but I won’t delete it, I said what I said to give people a view of what my experience was. I didn’t mean it to be mean or make fun of anyone, so I am sorry. The apology can mean a lot to one person, my mother taught me that. When people make mistakes, and it does happen, know you should say your sorry and mean it! If a person has to tell or ask for an apology from you that doesn’t mean as much as the person coming out and saying sorry. People think a man is defined by how tough he is or how he many girls he can get. Really a man is someone who can own up to his mistakes and know when he is wrong, fess up to the wrong-doing he has done. A REAL MAN knows what he did wrong and doesn’t need anyone to tell him that he is wrong. Some people think they are never wrong and those are the dumb-ass, arrogant, cocky, spoiled type of people. People don’t realize how BLIND they can be to how they act and are as a person. My mom brought me up and taught me to know when I am wrong and know when I make mistakes in life. And from all the mistakes I’ve done I have learned from them and try to change. This is how people should act and be like, if they have any soul or sympathy toward others and especially the ones they love. Own up to your mistakes and be the best person you can be and learn from what stupid-ass things you’ve done as a person. Even if you have made huge mistakes and walked away from something that you shouldn’t have or walked into something you know you shouldn’t have par taken in. NOW is the time you should own up as a man to the things you’ve done. This is now! You can’t change the past but you can change the future. As Nike slogan says, “Just Do It!” Whether you read this and say sorry to a person or a whole family, do it because you really mean it and are really sorry for all the things you have done. Don’t say sorry if you are just saying sorry, fess up to everything you’ve done. Don’t do it cause it’ll make you look good, and people will think you have changed into a good person and that person will let me back into their life, it won’t work. Do it for the right reasons. People will know if you truly mean it, one way or another people will know. Be a man say what’s real, say and mean “The Simple Sorry”.

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