If anyone has been watching the World Series the past couple of games they have seen the Rangers being dominated. There pitching has struggled, they have stranded some base runners on, and haven’t had a great team attitude for some reason. They are going back home and I believe they can turn around this series at home, but with a possibility of C.J. Wilson not coming back to the rotation it is going to be hard to win. Their bullpen, the biggest weakness of the Rangers, have proven to hurt them again, but the most surprising thing is how Cliff Lee couldn’t pitch 5 quality innings in game one. I think he will bounce back in game 5 and win for the rangers or give them a chance to win. I said the Rangers would take the Series and I still stick by that. I didn’t think that not having a DH would hurt their offense this much but it seems that way so far. The series will go back to San Fransisco, for sure. Lewis will win tonight and I hope game four they can squeak it out with Hunter going up I believe. Game five they will win with Lee on the mound and could be up 3-2 going to San Fran, depending on how game 4 pans out.

Speaking of shockers we will see if a number one team in college football can stay number one for more than a week. I mean Alabama goes down, then Ohio State, Oklahoma, and maybe possibly now Auburn at Mississippi. This actually wouldn’t surprise me, even though Ole Miss is 3-4. I’ll be routing for Ole Miss tonight and we’ll see how they will do, I do think Auburn will run the ball well against Ole Miss. Relating to football and shockers, will the Vikings put the Patriots in their place and beat them with or without Brett. I hope they do it and the way New England let a even more struggling team in San Diego come back into the game last week I think they have a chance if they play up to their potential. Brady is not a very mobile QB so we need to put pressure on him and blitz with safeties. The run isn’t to impressive for the Pats so we won’t have to worry much about that. Just put Winfield up against Welker and whatever other corner on Branch. They are not as high powered offense as they once were, especially if we can get to and hit Brady hard to knock him out of the game early, they will have no one. That is unlikely though. Two streaks are on the line for the game. First is Favre’s heard all around the league streak in consecutive games played in, 291 and than Tom Brady’s streak of consecutive wins at home, 23. Favre has that record at 25 consecutive wins in Lambeau. Will Brady’s streak go to 24 in a row and will Farves streak go to 292? I haven’t even talked about Moss returning to N.E. yet. Wow look how much controversy is in this game so far and how many streaks are on the line. New England has also won 15 games in a row against the NFC at home. All the odds are looking at New England winning the game. With are starting QB being banged up and possibly having are second string to start the game, along with all the streaks New England has on the line. I hope Moss as a huge game with whatever quarterback is playing, I think he will get a TD. Peterson will get one or two as well, he has 5 touchdowns in the last 5 games. We shall see in the next two days how all these could be shockers to be.

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