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The best of the worst

First off let me congratulate Leslie Frazier for his first win as a head coach, I forgot to do so yesterday. This win for the Vikings was how people thought we would win games last year with Favre. Us running … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Everyone was hyped up again for Black Friday and even the Black Saturday deals in some places. I have been to the middle of Black Friday at like 6 or 7, I guess it is considered the end but still … Continue reading

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Newton’s Law

There was a good game on today in college football. Surprisingly, I know because I don’t talk about college football that much so it must of been a great game. The game of Auburn vs. Alabama in Alabama. I was … Continue reading

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Thankful for

I am thankful for: Family American Army The art of seduction cream n mushroom soup not knowing what is going to happen next fantasy football the vikings finally firing Childress xbox TV football baseball Jessica Biel darkness sleep a remote … Continue reading

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Different Views

It is a great thing to see in the world today about how people have many different types of views on certain topics. Like the abortion and pro-life junk, Republicans and Democrats, religions and non-religions, sports, movies, obscenities, and more. … Continue reading

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The Abortion Poll

I found last Friday in my Mass Communication class that there is a couple that has a website up for people to vote on whether they should keep their 18-week-old fetus or have an abortion. They have this up until … Continue reading

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Football, Football, and More Football

Lets start off talking about the best news for the Vikings since the coming of Brett Favre last year, Brad Childress being FIRED! He got fired this mourning, Monday, after that dreadful loss to the Green Bay Packers, this is … Continue reading

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