Can’t Believe It

I don’t usually post two blogs in one day but…

Moss done! Already?! What is going on with the Vikings organization. Ever since Brad Childress came in as head coach I have seen this team go down hill. Maybe not last year, but the only reason we were good was because of are talented players not the coach. Childress is one of the worst coach’s ever and Ziggy Wolfe wins the dumb-ass owner of the year. We bring in Favre and give him more money than he deserves and then we trade for Moss for the deep threat. Unbelievable, we gave a injured quarterback tons of money and we gave a good team a third-round pick for nothing. Are they dumb. I want to clear things up, just because the Vikings head coach and owners look like the biggest idiots in the World right now doesn’t mean people in Minnesota are that stupid. We as fans want Moss and I didn’t agree with releasing him at all. As an organization this makes the Vikings look stupid. They started Favre and released Moss. They did the opposite of what a smart thinking person would do, bench Favre and keep Moss. I don’t know what this team was thinking and right now it is extremely hard to be a fan of the Viks. Not just because they are playing horrible, but because are owner and coach’s are the worst logical thinkers in the league, period. I don’t know how to put it but any chance the Vikings had going to the play-offs are not shot, gone out the window, gone with the wind, blasted to outer space, and any other way you can put it, there done. Moss we will miss you, we have no wide receiver and the one we did have, Percy Harvin, now has his productivity being cut in half. As a fan I will still watch the games and support the real players and I hope we are smart enough to fire Childress, make Leslie Frazier the head coach, and have Wolfe quit or change his attitude. We are looking at getting some good high draft picks next year, but it is too bad we don’t have a 3rd-round pick anymore, stupidest move ever. Never trade for a player and than a month later release him, especially if that player is RANDY MOSS!

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