Moss- Keeping Things Intresting

As we all have seen or heard yesterday about Randy Moss’s interview, at least some what of an interview, he said he will not be answering any more questions the rest of the season from “ya’all” and will be conducting his own interviews, which means he will ask and answer all the questions. The league fined him 25K for not going to any after game press conferences the last 2 weeks, which I guess he has to go to. What happened to Freedom of Speech or the Freedom of Press. Shouldn’t the Freedom of Press protect people from not having to answer questions from the press and not just protect what is written in an article about if this writing is libel or not. I don’t have any problem with what Moss had to say and I think the league will think twice before fining a player for not showing up and answering questions, I say it is his right not to go. I don’t care if it’s in his contract, just like Moss doesn’t care. I don’t like that Moss was hyping his time with the Patriots up, I know he had that one magical year with the exception of one game, which I was very happy about that outcome, but he didn’t seem as appreciated in New England as he should have been. I mean they didn’t even talk contract extension after this year and just shipped him off to the Viks for a 3rd rounder, much love from them for-real, ouch! I don’t think Bill Belichick knew what he was doing, just like going for it on 4th and 1 and 4th and 2, both times failing and letting the team get great field position. It hurt him against the Colts last year, but didn’t hurt him this year, lucky bastard. He made a mistake by trading Moss and I know it won’t show up right not, as they have the best record in the NFL and they have a great QB, but it will show up later in the play-offs and in other games this year on whether they will get the number one seed. They won’t have the deep threat anymore and will be going up against great defenses, not the Vikings, Bills, Browns, and Chargers type of defenses. They will regret it and against the Jets they will have a hard time winning, they will need 100 yard rushing games consistently from Green-Ellis, good luck with that. Also Wes Welker’s productivity has been horrible since Moss left, they can’t use him for quick slats and screen passes as much because the deep threat, Moss, is gone. Defenses will cover Welker more and limit him. Welker is on a couple of my fantasy teams and he sucks now, he is a 7th round fantasy pick now. I’m thinking about dropping him and getting one of the Mike Williams, haha. Does Beli-chick really think Tate and an old injured Branch will get it done? I am happy that they traded Moss to us, just so they can see how much they will miss him the rest of the year when they face good teams. New England will finish the season 12-4 or 11-5, will that be enough to get the number one seed and even if it is how far will they go before being beat? They will have to go through Ravens, Steelers, Colts, and Titans depending on what Vince Young will show up, if they want to get to the Super Bowl. All of those teams match-up really well against the Pats with Moss gone. Moss is said to be unmotivated, does stupid antics, loud-mouth, immature wide-out. Say what you want about the guy he tells it like it is and is entertaining, pretty funny guy. He can get the job done on the football field and can do a great job when he has the right QB and motivation. Listen to the guy, Vikings and the League. He was right about New England schemes and the coaching staff didn’t listen to him, he has been in the N.E. organization and in football for a long time. Why didn’t they listen to him? Because we didn’t listen to him we lost the game and are season. The league needs to focus on fining players for there hard-hitting and the refs for there bullshit calls trying to get money, don’t waste your time on what Moss does. Why is it even that important to fine him for following his right of Freedom of Speech. I bet the league is trying to find a way to fine him right now for what he said in the press conference on Sunday, just wait and see Moss will get fined again. I say if you are Moss retire and then you won’t have to follow the NFL’s stupid rules, but then again who is going to keep things interesting.

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