The Penalties + The Challenges= Stupid Refs

So I’m watching the Saints and Pittsburg game and I saw a penalty on the offense of Pittsburg at the end of the half. The refs called an offensive pass interference on Hines Ward of the Steelers. First off it was a little tap on the guys shoulder pads, just like Randy Moss’s pass interference call against Green Bay last week, and than the defender does a helmet to helmet hit. I thought the flag was on the defender for that hit, but it was for the little tap by Ward. What the hell is this, I thought the NFL wanted to be extremely strict on those kinds of hits. I’m not a Steelers fan or a Saints fan, so I’m not biased toward any team here, just biased against the refs. But that call made the Steelers have to settle for a 51 yard field goal, which they missed, and had N.O. have great field position at the end of the first half. So they got a field goal and tied the game going into half, when the Steelers should have gone up. I have been seeing stupid penalties called and stupid challenges going the other way for weeks now. In the Dallas Jacksonville game today their was some dumb-ass calls by the refs. In the beginning they called a tiky-tack defense of holding call against the Jags. They also called a fumble on the QB David Garrard, which wasn’t a fumble. Jags challenged it, like they should have, and it stood as called. What the hell is replay for if the refs are going to overturn bullshit plays like the Shiancoe touchdown and not overturn the supposedly fumble by Garrard. They also overturned a catch by Dez Bryant at the end of the half by a booth review. This was like Shiancoe’s play except Bryant was going out of bounce instead of having the ground hit a part of the ball. Bryant had a foot down and an elbow down before he went out of bounce, so I agree with that it was a catch. But the TD for the Viks shouldn’t have been overturned because it should stand as call when the player is down, like Shiancoe was. I wish they had the Dallas refereeing crew, so they know when a player is down before the ball hits the ground or the player goes out of bounce, it doesn’t take a monkey to figure that out. This didn’t hurt the Jags because they won. The refs would have had to make ridiculous calls against the Jags and they don’t want to get caught trying to rig a game, Dallas is just that bad. Another game this week is Green Bay against the Jets. “What were the YOU thinkin’,” the YOU being the refs. Are they stupid!? They called two, not just one, but two INTs for the Green Bay’s defense when it was a completed pass and the player was down by contact. I guess nowadays teams can just strip the ball from a wide-out when he is down and the refs will call it a interception. Sorry Sanchez, you got screwed over big time this week with 2 more picks than you should of had. Also the refs overturned a huge 4th and long fake punt by the Jets. The Jets made the first but fat boy, the head coach for the GBay, challenged it, like he challenges everything and got it overturned again. I thought the place of the ball was inconclusive when the runner was out, so the play should have, again, stayed as called on the field, first and ten for the Jets. Instead the refs make themselves look like stupid-asses and overturn the call on the field for Green Bay first and ten. This call lead to a field goal for the cheese heads and that was big in this game. Also there has been tons of holding calls in these games today, as another one just got called on the Pitts offense. There is holding on every play, so the refs only call it when that team gets positive yards on the play and they want that team to lose. As they say, “Com’on man!” The commissioner needs to get involved with these refs and tell them, “don’t be calling stupid-ass penalties and OPEN your EYES when they are looking at replays. Get the call right!” For once please, don’t ruin the game of football just so your bets in Las Vegas will win.

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