Giants- World Series Champs/ Childress- The Worst Coach Ever!!

Yesterday the San Fransisco Giants won their first World Series Title since being the New York Giants. I was surprised that the Rangers lost to the Giants and only needed 5 games to beat them. I really thought the Rangers would beat them and beat them easily. The Rangers didn’t look like the team they did in the first two series and I don’t know why. They didn’t steal as many bases, hitting struggled big time, and pitching was horrible. I am not taking anything away from the Giants, but the Rangers did play differently than how they were playing before. A reason might have been because of having no DH for the first two games hurt there offense of chemistry. I think the main reason was how Lincecum, Cain, and a no name pitcher pitched in this series. Also how can you get more timely hitting in 5 games than the Giants did. So many two out hits and extra base hits at that. The Giants might not have matched-up well against the Rangers but they sure out played them. All that counts is being better in four games than the opponent and that is what the Giants did. Good for them I am happy for them, even though I picked the Rangers and routed for them. I am just glad the New York Yankees didn’t win, ha. And I just have to add that Buster Posey is a better catcher than Joe Mauer from what I saw in the playoffs. Not more natural talent or better consistency as Mauer is, but he is not anywhere as clutch as Posey is, and this is coming from a huge Twins fan. I will definitely want Mauer on my team during the whole duration of the season, but in the playoffs I am picking Buster Posey over Joe Mauer. Until Joe can prove he can be clutch in the playoffs and I will pick Posey over him.

Also I just have to clear something up. Yesterday I talked about Moss on two different posts and the Vikings organization. First off the waiver of Moss isn’t fully done yet, as they have said, but I guess the Vikings owner Ziggy Wolfe and higher ups were unhappy about the move to be on Moss. Also the players didn’t like the move either, saying he brought leadership and good advice. Some players were livid about this move, Percy Harvin was one of them. This is all Brad Childress’s, not the owners, plan and fault for all the drama and distraction for the Vikings players. He argued with Favre last year and again this year. Than he doesn’t listen to anything Moss has to say, when all he was trying to do is help the team win. Childress thinks he knows what is right for this team, but all he is trying to do is tell people I am in charge whether you like it or not and I will call all the plays and all the moves we make. Check yourself Childress, you are the head coach not the owner and he has too much power for just being the head coach. Why doesn’t Wolfe step in and stop this move on Moss and make sure Childress really knows who is in charge. It’s your team Ziggy, take charge! He needs to fire Childress, find a new defensive coordinator, and move Leslie Frazier to the head coaching postilion. Do it! And do it now! Childress never has been a good head coach or a good at calling plays. That is why him and Favre don’t get along. Favre knows the right play to call, not the bone-headed play calling like Childress does every game. Payton Manning would retire right away if he ever had to listen to Childress tell him what play to call. He is only good as an offensive coordinator and is one of the worst head coach’s out there. Unfortunately the Vikings organization has been blind to this and hopefully this move by Childress will open there eyes to how bone-headed Childress really is. As long as Childress is the head coach for the Viks we will never win a ring. If he would have listened to Favre in that Carolina Panthers game last year we would have won, but instead Childress was going to pull Favre and therefore made Favre more pissed off and on the field it showed, good job Childress. Because of this game we got the second seed instead of the first seed, where we could have crushed the Saints at our home field. Hell we could have crushed them at their field, we just made stupid mistakes.

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