Moss Has Landed

The Tennessee Titans were awarded Randy Moss off waivers today and gave nothing in return, except the Vikings giving the Patriots a third round draft pick. Childress admitted today that trading for Moss for a third round draft pick was a bad decision. No it wasn’t, what was a bad decision was Childress releasing Moss after only four games. Moss will end up having a bye week this year, as Tennessee has there bye week this week. This is probably the best timing for coach Fisher and the Titans for Moss to be released, as Kenny Britt has an injury and they have a bye week coming up so Moss will have 2 weeks to get ready. Surprising-lying only the Titans made a waiver offer on Moss today. I know he has some attitude issues, like every says in the media, but he is way too good of a football player to have something as stupid as an attitude problem keep him from being on a team and keep a team from wanting him. The Vikings were stupid enough not to realize this, well just Childress I guess. Moss will fit pretty well in Tennessee and with the head coach because Fisher is a great coach and is respected by all of his players. I’ve heard ESPN annalists saying that they don’t know how much of an opportunity Moss will get with Vince Young being more of a dump-off passer. Also they think Fisher will put Kerry Collins in sometimes because he is supposedly more accurate of a quarterback throwing down the field. I don’t agree because Young has a cannon of an arm and he does throw down the field, as he showed this weekend against San Diego. His first 8 passes were between 17 to 36 yards long, that’s down the field passing with accuracy. Also Young is a way better quarterback because of his mobility and speed, which opens up receivers and extends the play. With Young’s mobility Moss will be singled covered at times for a defense of spy to watch Young, so he doesn’t take-off to run. Bo Scaife, Nate Washington, and rookie Damian Williams will also benifit from this by being open more and will get more opportunities to make plays because of the deep threat of Moss and Kenny Britt. It will be interesting to see how motivated Moss will be for the Titans after being released by his home team. He had some terrific years with the Vikings and the Patriots, and he should have been treated better by both of the organizations. The Vikings should have listened to what he had to say this year, not waived him after only four weeks of football played for us, and not have traded him all those years ago to the Raiders. The Patriots should have talked about a contract extension for him, tried to make him be more involved into the offense this year, and not have traded him to the Vikings. I have all the love and respect for Moss and wish him the best with the Titans, although it will be hard and at the same time funny to see him in a Titans uniform. Can’t wait to watch him play, wonder what number Moss will be.

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