The Haiti Songs

I recently wondered into a song for Haiti called Wavin’ Flag by a variety of different artists singing it. There has been songs like this before with a lot of artists coming together to singing a song and there is another song for Haiti called “We Are The World”. But I liked this song, Wavin’ Flag, better for some reason. Maybe it’s because this song is for a good cause or it just had a good beat and good lyrics. I know the song was made all the way back in February and a lot of people probably already have heard it, but I just thought it was a great song. The Wavin’ Flag song is a Canadian song and only had Canadian artists singing it I believe and I didn’t know Justin Bieber was a Canadian, haha. I liked the song better than “We Are The World”, sang by American artists, because personally the artists were better at singing and they didn’t over use the auto-tune like “We Are The World” did. Now the song was remade from Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson writing and singing of it, but the sing was not as good as the Wavin’ Flag. Also when you have people like Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Miley Cirus, and a horrible singer in Wycleaf Jean, who sounded like he was hurting, people will like Wavin’ Flag better and take it more seriously. Also the song had a bad rapping version in it with LL Cool J and, who sounded like they were just trying to talk tough during there verses. I know it is for a great cause and I do appreciate all the artists coming together and singing a great song. But they could have made it better in my opinion and not added stupid things. The song did not inspire me that much and when I heard Wavin’ Flag that did inspire me a lot more. Both songs had a great song to sing, put a rap version into the song, and had some good voices to sing it. The difference was that Wavin’ Flag had a better overall group of vocies, better organized with the order of the people and a way better rapping verse than “We Are The People” did. If you are going to make a song of Michel Jackson’s and make it for Haiti than just leave it as it is and try not to put a bad spin on it. There both for a great cause and Wavin’ Flag just got my attention more and that is my opinion. The verse that Drake did when he went up to the microphone was amazing and he even sang, which was surprisingly good. I am a fan of Drake and he “killed it” in that song. Also a girl at the end held a note like no other for a long time and kept it at the right pitch. Both great songs with the beat, lyrics, and the meaning behind them. Check both of them out.

We Are The World

Wavin’ Flag

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