What Exactly is “It”

On John Stewart yesterday the show had the table of four do a segment on “it”. They were talking about “it” because of the media and because tons of news stations were talking about and criticizing Barack Obama, America’s president for those who didn’t know. They were talking about a speech he gave a couple of nights ago and saying that “He just doesn’t get it” and “He didn’t look like he wanted to be there.” Of course he doesn’t want to be there, who wants to listen to stupid questions from the press that tries to screw him over any way they can. I don’t like politics and I always root for the candidate that is the least popular to piss off people around me. I try not to get involved with them, but how can they, meaning the politicians and media personnel, criticize and make a HUGE deal about Obama from one little speech he gave. One politician said,”He needs to fake it.” Haha, there are a lot of things people fake. What does he need to fake? And what doesn’t he get? It? I guess I don’t even get “it”. I would understand and not be irritated as much by this if they would explain exactly what “it” is. I don’t even think they know what “it” is. If the politicians and Obama don’t even get “it” who will. If the World doesn’t shape up and get there act together to try and understand “it” we are all doomed.
This was all this on John Stewart last night, which was pretty funny. This just showed me how idiotic politicians are and reminded me why I don’t like politics in the first place. This kind of stupidity is annoying and this over-reaction to Obama’s speech is just making them look ridiculously stupid. The only reason I am talking about this right now is because of The Daily Show with John Stewart, which makes politicians and everyone surrounded by politics look stupid, bravo Stewart. Stewart actually makes sense when he talks and rationalizes and doesn’t over-react to stupid little things, he makes fun of them. The John Stewart Show is entertainment to me and politicians are entertainment for them, haha. I hope one day politics and politicians will be able to explain “it” to everyone. I believe with all this “it” talk surrounding Obama “it” is only because Obama just has “it”. I think I am all it-ed out for the day and I hope I didn’t “it” you out too much either. Ooh, there is an “it” in pol”it”ics, is this another government conspiracy to distract the public form something bigger? If “it” is you heard “it” here first. I don’t know what ”it” is, but I hope you enjoyed “it”.

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