Lebron’s Commercial- What Should I do?

I’m sure everyone has seen Lebron James commercial and how he took a shot at the whole city of Cleveland in the commercial. I am bringing this up because I was watching the new episode of South Park, yes I am a South Park fan, and all of a sudden they come back from a commercial to do a skit on the Lebron James commercial. They did it with the characters that were involved in the episode. This skit of making fun of Lebron fit the story line of South Park in the episode, which was about the super hero’s and friends, saying whether or not the head of BP should say sorry for making another oil spill, the news reporter wondering if he should go back to his reporting, Mysterion, Kenny, figuring out what to do about his power of never dieing, and Cartman deciding whether to go back to the group, Coon and Friends, and admit to them he was wrong, haha. And no there wasn’t really another oil spill, just in the episode there were like 3 more from BP, haha. It’s a long description of the episode, but the skit did fit pretty well into it, I am impressed with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, with how they fit this in. It was funny, creative, and witty. I also think the original commercial, Lebron made, was funny too. I was surprised and glad to see Lebron responding in some way to all the hate going towards him in the past year and do it in a comedic way. Of course the commercial brought more hate and more attention to himself, with people making fun of the commercial. I think Lebron doesn’t mind the attention, but I don’t think he likes when the attention is more toward hating him than loving him. Another spoof of James’ commercial was by some of the fans in Cleveland and was orchestrated pretty well. I thought a response from the fans was necessary and I was wondering how the city and fans would respond to this. I’m not calling them fans of Lebron just fans of the Cavaliers and the game of basketball. All these commercial spoofs and/or skits is very entertaining to watch and I wonder what will happen next with all of this. Will Lebron do another commercial about how he was doing what was best for him and trying to be him, not getting influenced by others? Will the people in Cleveland ever forgive Lebron and show a little love? I mean look at all the good years they had with him. I am not on Lebron’s side by any means. I don’t have a problem with him going to another team, I just don’t like the way he did it. That is why I can see a lot of hate for him in Cleveland because he gave up in the last game he played in for the Cavs and dragged everyone in the world on about what he was going to do and where he was going to go. These were BIG mistakes by Lebron and he has to understand all the hate, but the people have to understand why he moved on as well. I understand both sides. James wanted to go to a place where he can get paid and has the best shot to win a championship, he doesn’t want his LEGACY to be the player without the ring who was one of the best players ever to play the game. He wants to be up there with Jordan in rings, but I think he will never get close to that. The commercials were good and I think they will be remembered for a long time because of all the controversy, hate, and drama between The King, his “loyal” subjects, and the city he once ruled. Only the future will tell what will happen with all of this, but at least I can just lay back and laugh at all of this while watching in the distance and watching South Park.
These are the video’s:

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