Kobe vs. Lebron

When the questioned was asked to Kobe Bryant, “Who would win one-on-one, you or Lebron?” Kobe of course answered “me” and said “that’s my thing, I use to play it all the time, that’s what I grew up doin’.” I concur with Kobe. I mean he is better overall, I think. He has won way more championships and the days when the Lakers sucked for awhile after they got rid of Shaq they still made it to the playoffs because of Kobe. It is like which guy leaving his team would make a bigger effect on that team, it would affect the Lakers more, they would suck. I think the Cavaliers will still make the playoffs this year without Lebron and I don’t think the Lakers would, although with Phil Jackson as the coach they might be a 8 to 6 seed but lose in the first round. So an one-on-one would be dominated by Kobe, it’s like the Pakers vs. the Cowboys on Sunday night it’ll be no competition for the Pack. It’s his thing and he has a way better jump shot than Lebron. I would love to see that match-up and can’t wait until the Lakers play the Heat. I think the Lakers will squeak one win out of the meetings this year against the Heat. The Heat will get the best of the Lakers, but Kobe will get the best of Lebron. I know this is a dis to Lebron but I don’t feel bad about it because I have found much respect for Kobe Bryant over the last few years while I have watched him play. He has great leadership and has always been loyal to the city of Los Angeles, and has brought a ring or five to his city, how many did Lebron bring to his? Duce egg, ha. We will see how many rings Kobe and Lebron will finish with, even if Lebron gets more rings I still think Kobe will always have earned more in his career. With all that stupid shit with that girl Kobe had to deal with, he still bounced back and won rings. That girl so lied any ways, I don’t think Kobe Bryant needs to force himself on an okay looking girl, no wonder why she dropped chargers and settled. I’m not saying nothing happened and I know he was married, but I’m saying Kobe wasn’t the only one willing to let something happen and he is a star, which is hard to keep to one lady nowadays as we have all found out the last couple of years.

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