More and New-ton Allegations against a College Player

Today there has been new rumors and allegations against another college player of cheating the system and literally cheating in college. Cam Newton, who is a great Auburn starting quarterback, is dealing with his past today. He supposedly cheated on tests, wrote his name on papers that weren’t his, his transfers from Florida over to Mississippi State and Auburn are a little shaky, and other stupid stuff like that. This happened along time ago back when he was the back-up quarterback for Tim Tebow. Why is this coming out now? How was this even leaked out in the first place? This is getting weird with all these past allegations against athletics coming out lately. I don’t get it. This is stupid to bring up things in the past and dig more into business that isn’t any of there business in the first place, I’m talking about reporters and the NCAA. This is confidential stuff, just like the steroids were with baseball but all the players names came out anyway. No one has privacy or can trust anyone else nowadays. It sucks that the Cameron Netwon has to go through this his senior year in college while leading his team to an undefeated season so far. Since these allegations have come out sports analysts are saying this will affect the voting for the Heisman trophy. This is ridiculous, the Heisman Trophy stands for a great player and what he does on the field of play, not the mistakes he makes as a person when he is young and immature. I don’t know why they make a huge deal out of him cheating, oh my that is the worst thing he could do, no one has ever cheated in college before! Get real! People do bad things sometimes when they are young, and some do bad things even when they are older. It is the way of life, the way people are. Every person makes mistakes and it is a shame that the NCAA has to be this hard on players, like a Reggie Bush, or trying to get evidence against a great player like Newton. They could just leave it alone, but not the National Collegiate Athletic Association they have to be hard on young players, make sure they get the right punishment, and show them there mistakes. I’m sure Newton has matured since his first two years in college and doesn’t want his past to shape what people think of him as a person and as a player. Bush took the money from his agent because his family needed the money and what college kid would turn down free things anyway, it is not stealing. Now Newton has different allegations, but could have the same effect by people not voting for him for the Heisman because he cheated on tests and some supposedly weird things went down with his academics while he transferred. He could loss his trophy like Bush did because of the mistakes they made. I don’t like the strict rules that the NCAA has on this because they seem to always jump in the middle of it and put it out there for the public to see just so they can get there name out into the media, even if it means ruining a good players reputation. If they didn’t do this I wouldn’t have a problem with the regulations they have and if they weren’t as strict on conduct toward college players I would be on there side. I know they are trying to do there job, but they could do it in a different way, possibly talk to the person the allegations are about right off the bat instead of telling the media about it first and keep it at least a little more private. I don’t know why they don’t do this. Until then I hope this doesn’t effect the way people will vote for the Heisman this year because the trophy stands for how that player preforms on the field not there off the field actions and things in there personal or past life.

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