The Type of Win We Needed

The Vikings finally won a game, even if they did have to pull it out there ass. It was a good win and the type of win we needed if we want to have success later this year. The Vikings did not look good and didn’t hustle at all on special teams or looked like they even cared sometimes on defense. Wonder why they were like that early on in the game, maybe because of two stupid words, Brad Childress. This game proved Moss was not the problem for the Vikings. Everything up to the fourth quarter proved that Moss wasn’t the problem for the Vikings because everyone was hustling like Moss, however Moss hustles, I guess he doesn’t at all as everyone says around the league. I don’t really think Mosses lack of effort is a huge problem for a player of his potential and can effect a whole team by bringing them down, he was NOT the problem! Childress made a mistake and owned up to the mistake of trading for Moss, but that wasn’t the mistake, haha. Letting him go was, what a dumb-ass Childress is. Enough about him, this team rallied yesterday against a medie-oker team in Arizona. That was a great win and Favre set his career high in passing yards, he tried and was successful, except for the two picks. I think this team can come back and make a push for the division winner, we just need to play good and run the ball more. Although we won the game it was horrible play calling for most of the game, we went away from the run on first down, which I don’t get, and we kept doing slants in the fourth quarter down by 14, which makes no sense. I like the slants early in the game but not at the end. We needed to run it earlier in the game and get that settled, the stupid-ass coach’s never did that. We were down by 14 with about 4 something to go in regulation and came back to tie it with a couple of Brett Favre touchdowns and an Adrian Peterson 30 yard run in OT, overtime, to set up the game winning field goal. I was impressed with Favre and our wide-receivers, but not impressed by the horrible play calling by Childress and our offensive coordinator. We need to fix this to be successful later on this season and if we make it to the playoffs we need smarter and logical play calling. This is why we need to fire Childress NOW! If we keep him the offensive coordinator will follow Childresses play calling and Favre will get more irritated by the play calling. If we make this one last drama filled move, which will be the end of the bad drama, we will become fully successful. Unfortunately I don’t think this will happen unless we lose one or two more games, which will be already too late for getting a new head coach. If the Vikes do lose the rest of the season out the only good thing about it is Childress getting fired and the Vikings finally moving on to the future quarterback. I still hope we can win, but if we win and go 9-7 or 10-6 and miss the playoffs or make it and lose in the first round, I hope that Ziggy won’t considered keeping Childess. I know it is almost 100% sure that Childress will finish the season because we signed him to a long term contract, what the fuck was Ziggy thinking is what I thought to myself after I saw that signing of Childress earlier this year, ha. That was the most horrible move that the Vikes made this year not the Moss trade, haha. I will always support the Vikes, but have lost faith in our organization for awhile now, I don’t know when I will respect this organization again, but I will always be a huge fan and follow them every Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, or whatever other day they play. Every Vikings fan has to show love for that team coming together at the end of that game on Sunday, even with everyone hating on Childress, for once it seems that every Vikings fan is on the same page with getting rid of him. It took the fans and the owner long enough to see how much Childress sucked, I hated him before his first season of coaching for the Vikes was even over.

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