Jon Miller says Good-bye to ESPN

I learned yesterday that Jon Miller, the voice of Sunday Night Baseball for the past million years, is no longer the voice for ESPN on Sunday night. Apparently ESPN let him go and went toward a different direction to Dan Shulman. I can’t believe ESPN would break up the two-headed monster, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Morgan’s contract also expired. After twenty-one seasons together on Sunday night baseball there voices are no more, at least for the ESPN channel. I don’t think Sunday night baseball will ever have the same ratings again or be the same because they let go of one of the greatest announcers of all-time, Jon Miller. These guys were the classic announcers, every time I see something historic happen I hear Jon Miller’s voice or Dick Bremer, since I watch the Twins all the time. A big reason I watched Sunday night baseball was to listen to Jon Miller announce the game. I use to turn on the TV every Sunday night while I played my X-box, I just wanted to hear the incomparable voice of Jon Miller, I barely watched the game unless it was the twins. I never thought Miller would ever be off ESPN. I know tons of networks and radio stations will be offering Miller contracts to be the voice for them. Miller brought liveliness, entertainment, and an outstanding play-by-play voice to the game of baseball. It’s a shame to see him off Sunday night, but I will listen to him on the radio station that signs him or maybe Fox will try to get him, haha. I don’t get how they could just let him go but they did and ESPN will see the difference in there ratings this year, and won’t be happy with them. Letting them both go probably has to do with business, it always does. I’ve heard that this Shulman is a good announcer, but I have never heard of him until yesterday. We will see how good he is. And I know ESPN let Jon Miller go and for my title I put “Jon Miller says Good-bye to ESPN. I put it that way because Miller is still going to be announcing baseball games and will be successful anywhere he goes and ESPN will go to a downward spiral this year, so really Jon Miller is saying good-bye and getting the better deal out of all this. People will see how successful or lack there of success for ESPN this year compared to the last 21 years with the voices of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

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