To be Elite or Not to be…

Recently the Utah Jazz have been on a crazy three game stretch where they have come back from 18 down, 22 down, and 18 down again. The L.A. Clippers, Miami Heat, and the Orlando Magic have been the victims off all the comebacks the Jazz have battled back from the last couple of days. The most amazing thing is they came back 22 points down to the Heat in Miami and than the next day they had to face the Magic and came back from 18 down. This is ridiculous to do this to two on the top “elite” teams in the NBA. I don’t know how this happened, I didn’t watch any of the games, but the Jazz have proven to do this and really they are only a solid team. I mean no disrespect to them but they are in a bad division and will probably easily win the division and that is why they have been in the playoffs. The Jazz are talented, but couldn’t hold those teams in a seven game series. Since this has happened what is up with the Heat and Magic? They are suppose to be the best teams and they totally collapsed. How can two veteran teams do this? I’m especially surprised that the Heat of all teams blew a huge lead at home. They have Wade, Lebron, and Bosh. What’s up!? There is all this hype that they could have the best record ever, beating the Bulls record, in NBA history and will win the NBA title. I can’t see this happening this year anymore because of there collapsed against a semi-good team, I mean a team that will go to the playoffs and maybe win a series in the first round. This would never happen to an elite team and I know it is early on in the season but if they don’t get there shit together it’ll be a long disappointing season. C’mon Lebron, I thought you wanted to win a title. Sure didn’t prove it against the Jazz. The Magic doesn’t surprise me as much because I have seen them lose some big games in the playoffs and can’t seem to get into the NBA Finals for some reason. But still the Magic are suppose to be one of the best and one of the best don’t let a HUGE lead go to waste. What was more embarrassing for Orlando was that the Jazz won by 10, at least Miami kept it close. I’m not trying to take anything away from Utah’s amazing wins, but elite teams don’t let any team come back when they are way up and lose. Elite teams are the ones that come back from being down from 20 and win. So does that mean the Jazz are now Elite? We shall see in the playoffs. They are a good and talented team and have proven they never give up. They just need a another guy like a Howard or a Wade to get to that next level. So the Heat and Magic need to check themselves and prove to everyone, once again, why everyone thinks they are the best teams in the East.

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