How a Year Makes a Difference

Most already know that one year makes a huge difference in there lives. But I’m more talking about how strange that in football, the NFL, one year can be so different from the year before. One team is great this year than it sucks the next, usually we see teams be constantly good for a while, like the Cowboy runs, the Patriots runs, and the Steelers Runs. They have had about 5 years of greatness and dominance in five years or in a decade. This doesn’t mean that they win the Super Bowl every year, but that they win the division or a playoff game and contend every year. Just look at the Vikings, the past two years we have won our division and last year when we got Brett Favre we were immediately contenders for the Super Bowl. Now look at this year with Favre; we probably won’t even make the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. It is a huge turn around from last year, when we were one good throw or run away from kicking a field goal to go to the Super Bowl. I was thinking about this because I look at the NFC South and every year, since they brought new teams to the NFL in 2002, the teams records are upside down from the previous year. In 2002 Tampa Bay won the division and the next year the Carolina Panthers won the division and they were last in 2002. Then the falcons won it in 2004 and Tampa Bay was last, but then in 2005 Tampa Bay won the division and the New Orleans Saints were 3-13 in 2005, so then what do they do in 06′ they go 10-6 and win there division. Then the Falcons were 4-12 in 2007 then they go 11-5 for a Wild Card spot in 08′ because the Panthers, which were 7-9 in 2007, go 12-4 for the second seed in the NFC. Since 2008 the Panthers have sucked and of course in 2009 the Saints were dominate, but they were last in the divisive the year before, but they win the Super Bowl the next year. Now that I have bored you with all the facts, it is just strange to see a division like this. I have never seen a division be this inconsistent for this long, 2002-now… I don’t know when there will be one dominate team because the Tampa Bay Bucs are good this year and they sucked last year. I do think it will end though because of the Saints and the Falcons. These two teams are good and have young talent. They will be good for the next five years and switch off winning the division. I’m not taking anything away from the Bucs, who have a good coach and a good young quarterback. I just don’t think they can compete with these two teams every year with the kind of defense they now have and the kind of offense. They have an okay defense with a good young still developing offense. They need a dominate running-back and Freeman, there young quarterback, needs to get more experience, which he will. This division is always interesting to watch and to see how it will play out this year and years to come. See how much one year makes a difference for football, with the exception of the the Detroit Lions, they are the true “dominate” team of sucking, haha.

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