The First Flakes

It was an amazing site to see, for some at least, the first snow of the year around here. It feels like awhile ago since I have seen snow, even though I live in Minnesota, it just felt cool to see and feel winter coming. Some people know what I am talking about by feeling the winter coming because the air has a sense of coldness and silence to it. It is a strange feeling and even some can say a lonely feeling the winter brings, but I like the feeling. It might bring a sense of loneliness but it also brings a sense of knowing there is more out their. Really the first flakes of the year are the best flakes, it just tells you that people will never know what will happen next. I guess that is one of the things that makes winter, winter. It is the unexpected weather, not knowing what is going to happen before it happens. Everyone can look at this season of winter as just another season, but some should maybe take a closer look at it and then maybe they can find more meaning out of something as little as the first snow of the year. Different places have different times of their first snowfall, mine is now. Some look at it in different ways by some looking for some type of meaning out there or even hope. It definitely is cool to see the whiteness again, even though it seems like everyone in Minnesota hates it. I mean suck it up people, we are Minnesotans the rulers of the cold, cold-blooded. I’m use to the cold and the snow, but it is funny that people all around the world come up north for the first time and they have never seen snow before and to see there reaction to it is the best. Snow most definitely makes its mark on everyone that has seen snow and makes a trail of people wondering where snow has come from or how was it even made. I guess it is rain that is frozen, but wouldn’t that be hail? haha. I don’t know, snow is too soft to be frozen rain, I’ll leave that question for the scientists out there. Well from the Grey sky to white branches and flakes from the clouds, and from the coldness in the air to the feelings it brings, winter is a great thing to enjoy and experience for anyone and everyone who will open there minds and see.

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