Inspired and Uninspired Play

There was a huge difference between how the Vikings and the Cowboys played this Sunday. They both were against a division rival and the Cowboys had to go against the Giants, the best team in the NFC, and the Vikings had to go against the Bears, the luckiest and most overrated team in the NFC. They both were on the road and if anyone had to pick one of them to win 80% would have said the Vikings. Boy that 80% looks bad because the Vikes lost by 14 and the Cowboys won by 13. The difference was the effort and energy. The defense looked horrible for the Vikings letting less than average wide-receivers of the bears wide open the whole game and not putting any pressure on Cutler, which he sucks under pressure as he has shown the last two years. Why didn’t we blitz more, I mean obviously the game plan was to cover and only rush four, but when that wasn’t working wouldn’t the Vikes change it up and blitz because every scouting report will say blitz against Cutler. I guess the Vikings are too good for the scouting reports or too stupid to look. Then the Dallas defense looked like the defense they should have been this whole year, creating turn-overs and scoring touchdowns. Kitna looked way better then Favre and Favre is getting paid more. I’m not blaming this loss on Favre, I am blaming it on the lack of effort. Why all the sudden a lack of effort, uh I don’t know (sarcasm). This Vikings team looked dead, just like the whole game last week against the Cardinals, excluding the last four minutes of that game. I wonder what is the difference between these two teams from a week ago. Lets see, the coach! Like I said in, “The Type of Win We Needed”, the Vikings needed to fire there coach that week before it is too late, I was talking about this game and the next game. But no one listens and they kept the coach and the players told how they felt about the coach. Getting a new coach brought energy and a feeling of hope. Not getting rid of Childress brought a sense hopelessness and draining the love, passion, and fun out of football for these players. It doesn’t matter if we get rid of him now everyone is not in a good mind set and they feel lost. After the quotes ripping of Childress from the Vikings players, which were unanimous, you could tell they weren’t going to give 100% for their coach, no respect for him. Also all the anaylists putting their opinion and ripping these players for their comments saying they are gut-less and should keep there mouth shut or at least say who they are. I don’t like them doing this because who are they to say what players can say, they don’t know what is going on in practice to lead to more than one player saying and feeling this toward the coach, it’s called freedom of speech and privacy. Anaylists said this isn’t Childresses fault the Vikes are losing, well it might not be only his fault but it is at least 50% his fault we are because of the attitude and energy he is bringing, negative. Also people have to understand why the players kept there names unanimous because they didn’t want to get fined or in trouble. I mean look at what happened to Moss when he says how he feels about the coach and his play calling ability, they ship him off while losing a 3rd round pick in the process. They don’t know what Childress will try to do to them, maybe go to the front office and try to fine them, get rid of them, or suspend them. I totally understand this and the Vikings are too late to make a change now, should have done it last week like I said. The difference between having energy, effort, and winning is as simple as a head coaching change. Do the right thing, inspire these players Ziggy!

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