South Park vs. Family Guy

Since I wrote about a comedy genius yesterday, I thought I would continue with some great comedy shows and people for the rest of the week. Both Family Guy and South Park are very controversial with the type of episodes they make and a lot of women don’t like their type of humor. I am not be sexiest but this is true. I like both the shows and started to watch Family Guy before I watched South Park, even though South Park was made two years earlier. South Park has been around longer and has stayed consistently on the air for over 10 years, they are on their 14th season this year. So far I think there season is hilarious, a lot better then season 13 for sure. To tell you the truth I thought last season was an off year and thought they were running out of jokes and the show was getting dry, but they have really bounced back since last season. There “Coon and Friend” episodes are very funny and make fun of Brett Favre and make even more fun of Lebron James in them, as I have shown one clip from an episode already. But I still think Family Guy is more successful. So if they were to go head to head Family Guy would win. Family Guy definitely should have never been canceled by Fox at all, let alone three times, ha that’s ridiculous. Fox screwed up big time and even messed up at least two more full seasons of Family Guy, they are already on their 9th season this year, but could be on their 11th. I say Family Guy is more successful because they are on three different major networks, Cartoon Network, TBS, and Fox. South Park is only on Comedy Central and of course they both are on other networks that are not as big like WGN and My TV. They both bring different types of comedy to the table. South Park has its crazy fat kid in Eric Cartman and always makes fun of anything and anyone. They also have very creative ways that they put certain things into the episode like adding a song or making fun of someone with relating it to what the episode is about. They also can bring a message like there steroids episode and Scientology episode. Family Guy brings a whole different type of humor to the world. It is absolutely random and funny at the same time. One episode could start off with Peter going to a Barry Manilow concert and the next thing he is in Africa helping starving children, that is not an episode but Peter did go to a Berry Manilow concert in one episode. Also Peter could be going to a high school reunion and the next thing he is playing for the New England Patriots. With all the episodes where the yellow chicken comes into play and Peter and him always fight for about two and half minutes when they see each other because of one expired coupon the chick gave better Peter to all the episodes where they cut to Conway Twitty singing for about four straight minutes, haha. This is one different kind of humor that not a lot of people have seen until Family Guy came to be. I give much props to Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy, for how he has created this cartoon to be this successful. He is one comedic genius himself, but still no Sandler of course. If any of you have seen the South Park episodes where they dis Family Guy and their writing staff, it sure doesn’t look like Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, like the show. I would expect two great comedic shows to have respect for one another and I would have called South Park dissing Family Guy some respect because they decided to waste two episode on them, but when Macfarlane was asked about an episode striking back at South Park he said they don’t have time to waste their energy on doing an episode about that. So from that comment I don’t think the shows like each other that much, but who knows maybe someday they will look at each others different ways of comedic style and appreciate one another. Also I really do think they have different styles and are not alike, even though people have said Cartman’s character is a lot like the show Family Guy, but I think they are not alike at all and that is a compliment to both the shows. I hope South Park can make it to 20 seasons and hope Family Guy can make it close to that as well, I just don’t know if they will because of them being canceled too much by stupid Fox. Both these shows might make a lot of people annoyed and mad because they are not afraid to make fun of anyone or anything or not afraid to cross any line at anytime, they follow the first amendment I think very well. That is why I have a lot of respect for both of these shows.
Enjoy some clips from both of these shows.

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