The Comedic Genius of his Time

If you don’t know me I am a HUGE Adam Sandler fan and like most of his movies and the other things he is in or does. He really is an inspiration in a way to many people. He brings laughter, immaturity, and brings out the kid in everyone. When someone is down they can just pop in a Sandler movie and do a 360 in their attitude and literally physically do a 360 because they are so happy, even if they are 93 in their recliner. I do believe he is a great comedian, a very impressive producer/writer, a good (wedding) singer, a hilarious actor, and seems like a down to earth dude in real life, it is very entertaining to hear his true life stories when he tells them on shows like David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel. I have pretty much all of his movies starting with “Going Overboard” and of course the best of SNL of Sandler and Chris Farley as well, I know he is not Sandler, but he was/is one of the funniest guys out their and will always live on. He was/is good friends with Sandler and especially with Spade, I miss seeing sketches with all of them together. Everything Sandler does I usually like with an exception of “Spanglish” and “Punch-Drunk Love”, although I have a new respect for “Punch-Drunk Love” for how hard that character was to play and he mastered it, but I never got into Spanglish, just not my type of movie my sister likes it though. I like all his comedy’s, even if some of them get ridiculous to some, they are still funny, haha. He should be and is a very respected comedian and producer for all the work he has put in since he was on SNL and even before that. I even like some of Sandlers serious roles, I don’t like drama’s, like in “Reign Over Me”, he was a brilliant actor in that movie brought some teary eyes to me and even Click did as well and that is a comedy, I don’t tear up that often and that was when I knew he was more than just a great comedian. When he won the generation award I was really happy for him and glad that everyone saw how incredible he really is. He has a family and he is doing what he loves at the same time, I will always admire him for that. People might think he has too much money or whatever but personally I think he deserves it and everything he has in life. It would be an honor to meet him one day even if it just for a couple of minutes. I don’t know really what I would say or ask, probably just start small talk and tell him he is awesome at what he does and keep doing what you’re doing forever, haha. I know that is not possible, but even when he is long gone I will try and make sure my kids and my kids kids have the opportunity to see all of his comedic and dramatic roles by passing all my collection down to them. I hope they don’t get rid of DVDs in 100 years from now, I’m sure they will replace them with something, unfortunately. But somehow someway his work will live on forever no matter where he goes or stops doing what he is doing. I do have to admit I haven’t been the best Sandler fan lately because I still don’t have “Bedtime Stories” on DVD or “Grown Ups” and I just watched “Grown Ups” for the first time tonight, so I apologize on lacking on my job as a fan to Sandler. I did enjoy that movie and seeing all those guys in one movie is cool to watch them all together, Kevin James kind of fills in that missing hole of Farley, not comparing them, as Farley is incomparable, but he makes it interesting in his own comedic way. They sure ripped on Rob Schneider a lot in that movie and I think they do in real life, haha. I don’t know that for sure that is just a guess, but I’m sure all of them rip on one another all the time. It is impressive how his movies are getting better as he goes on, even though “Happy Gilmore”, “Waterboy” and “Billy Madison” are still some of his best work. I am excited for what new movies are yet to come from Sandler, I think three movies this upcoming year so far, one animated, so those should be fun. Much respect to Sandler and all of his crew that helps him fill in more craziness. My graps favorite comedian is Red Skelton, so Sandler is my Skelton.

Here are some of Sandlers goofiness and classicness with a mix of Farley, and I know I have much respect for Sandler, but I absolutely hate the Yankees. And Rod Carew played for the Twins, haha.

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One Response to The Comedic Genius of his Time

  1. also michael says:

    glad to see you continue to venture off to other topics besides sports – not that your passionate sports diatribes aren’t good because they certainly are, but it seems like everybody’s ready to take a break from Brad Childress (McManus says Childress doesn’t really look like a coach – that he looks more like an orthadontist!) So a break from it gives you new focus. I like Adam Sandler too, what little I’ve seen, but if you ever get up here to visit you’ll know what to bring. So now it’s time to rag you with a critical note: I think what you actually meant to write when you wrote Sandler could make a person do a 360 is he could make them do a 180. A 180 is when you do an about face, or turn something around (from sad to happy, for instance) or as in the Earth rotating half way around – 180 degrees (from day to night). The expression, do a 360 is when something comes all the way around, sometimes it means a person kept changing or trying different things but ended up where he started (usually by choice). OK? Am I bugging you yet?

    Did you see this article in the Strib?
    Jim Souhan: “Especially in football, players have to believe in their coaches”

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