The Good and the Bad of Shows that are based in an Older Time

So I was watching this new comedy show, well trying to watch this show, yesterday when it first premiered on TBS called, “The Glory Daze”. I gave it a try because it is taking a whole hour of The Office and Family Guy away for Tuesday nights, so I thought it had to be good. It wasn’t very funny and followed every other comedy show that has to do with college or dating back to an older time, the 80’s. The show started off with the main good guy and his family driving to the college. Than the show introduced his wacky roommate that thinks they are so much alike. Than it goes to that horny weird guy dancing in his underwear and stuffing his package with socks and of course his roommate and the roommates family comes in while he is dancing in his underwear in front of the mirror. Here is another shocker the family that walks in is Asian and his roommate is Asian, every comedy has to have that foreign kid. With the Asian kid he has to join a certain Asian fraternity because his dad wants him to and he doesn’t want to because he said it will just be playing with chopsticks the whole time. Well when he does get to the Asian Fraternity it is the best party house of them all and of course it is private and he can’t tell his friends about it. The show proceeds to introduce the douche bag of the lame fraternity and he is kind of second in charge of it and the leader is that cool type laid back guy that teaches all the freshman the way of college, this was a little later. Glory Daze also has that cute annoying couple that thinks they know everything and everyone hates them after awhile and/or they break up because the guy cheats or something along those lines. Also the first class for the main good guy, he meets a hot girl and tries to act cool around her. Also he has that teacher that hates him because he disrupted one small thing during class, even though he probably is a good student, as well as the teacher hating him the teacher has wife issues, saying stuff under his breath during class about his dirty wife or whatever. Last but not least they have that guy who gets a lot of girls and than we will all find out later that he is gay because he said all he could think about while with girls in his dorm room was of his roommates dad, his roommate has pictures of his dad all around the side of the room. I stopped watching it after 30 minutes, it is an hour long show, but I am sure it ended with the freshman getting into the fraternity and being hazed or something like that. So this would be an okay group of people for a show except it has been done already and it didn’t have that funny of jokes with a sub-par story line. Now I know it is only a part of an episode but it didn’t interest me at all, I would have rather watched 30 minutes of golf and I hate golf. Animal House was way better than this and it is kind of based on the same plot as the show is but with bad comedy. Well this is the bad of comedy show based in a different time and the good show that is based in an older time is, get ready for it, “That 70’s Show”. It is hard to compare these two shows because That 70’s Show is tons better and funnier, obviously based in the 70’s. They had great actors to play the parts of the characters, with that wacky stupid guy in Kelso, the foreign kid in Fez, the bitchy girl with Jackie, the stoner cool guy in Hyde, and that couple that is always a couple even if they are broken up in Eric and Donna. It is the typical set up kind of like the Glory Daze set up but has that right different mix to the show. First off the parents are more involved and are funny characters. Also every episode has a scene in Eric’s basement that everyone goes to even if Eric isn’t home. It has great humor and writers for the show and actors that can deliver the scene the right way. Ashton Kutcher, who plays Kelso, was great at that character and nailed every scene with him. The main good guy in Eric was played by Topher Grace and looked like the typical scrony good kid that never did anything wrong, even though he always got into trouble because of all his friends around him. The show was a hit and unfortunately went off the air after eight seasons because Kutcher and Grace left it after the seventh season. It had great seasons and was very funny. I don’t know if the 70’s are just cooler than the 80’s but “That 70’s Show” was way better probably because they had the right actors and writers to become a hit as a show that is based back in the 70’s.
Good Leo scenes and Kelso burns:

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