The Real Oldies

I am not old enough to have seen Red Skelton, The Three Stooges, and The Marx Brothers in their prime, but some of you might have been. I have only seen a couple of episodes of the Red Skelton show and only have seen one movie of the Marx Brothers called “Animal Crackers”. I use to watch the Three Stooges a lot with my moms old boyfriend and I found them pretty funny, but haven’t watched any of there work for awhile now. Another old comedy that I really enjoyed that I saw a couple of years ago was Laurel and Hardy. I really enjoyed Hardy being the stupid leader of the two that always talked them and got them into these situations and Laurel always beside him telling him what he thinks and aging on Hardy, haha. Everyone has to love the black and white picture of old comedies, I actually like it a lot because it makes you feel like you are in a different time when America had little to worry about and the media wasn’t all over the place telling everyone what is going on in the world, just puts you in a mind-set for a little bit where their is no care in the world, which is nice. All these old classic comedies bring different humor from what I can tell of the little I have seen so far. Red Skelton is the original all around funny guy to how he delivered all of his type of humor. One day my grandpa introduced “The Red Skelton” to me and it definitely changed my mind about how comedy has different ways it can come across when I saw the famous character of “Freddie the Freeloader”. The way Skelton did everything was very fun to watch. He was very popular for his comedy skits and his stand-up as well. He was very special the way he could bring laughs through his show and for people having a rough time out there, Skelton went into comedy to help bring smiles to their faces and was a really kind person. His story is pretty amazing being out by himself at the age of 11, I believe. You can always see the kid in him, no matter what kind of comedy he was doing. The Three Stooges was one of the first group of guys to really physically injure the other guy for laughs. This ended up being a hit, I mean I loved to watch it and I thought this was hilarious when they poked each other in the eye, bopped each other on top of the head, and stuck each other in the gut. It was quit a scene to watch Larry, Curly, and Moe abuse each other in every scene they ever made together. Although I have only seen one movie with the Marx Brothers, I enjoyed most of the movie. To tell you the truth when my grandpa sat down and plopped Animal Crackers in I thought this was just going to be another stupid old comedy, haha. I was right, but I liked it. The Marx Brothers brought the original stupid comedy movie to the table. I really enjoy stupid comedy shows nowadays and the Marx Brothers were the start of all that comedy. I have never heard a guy talk so fast in my life until I saw Animal Crackers. All four of them were in that movie, although the youngest brother didn’t have that big of a part, so he wasn’t as funny as the brother who talks like a cheetah runs, the brother that steals everything in his site, and the brother who helps him out and doesn’t even talk just blows his horn the whole time, haha. Those three brothers together were hilarious and the two brothers that tried to steal and con people throughout the whole movie was even more fun to watch. Also I would have never expected them to be so musically talented with the piano, it amazed me, it truly did. All together these are some of the best comedy people around back in the day. I will try and watch more of all of these brilliant comedic minds and I recommend people to check out all of these old comedies, which I call oldies.

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Laurel and Hardy

Marx Brothers

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  1. also michael says:

    I like that your watching these old comedies and blogging about them, and not just because I know more about old comedy than I do about sports. Look how much thinking the caused you to do (not to mention the laughter). I loved Red Skelton, too. When I was a kid he had a weekly TV show that I never failed to watch. His humor was always the self-deprecating kind- the joke was almost always on him – and like you’ve written, he always came through as seeming kind. I think that is a very important distinction when you compare it to much (too much) of today’s kind of humor. I admit a lot of the mean-spirited or sarcastic stuff is very funny and I laugh at it as much as the next guy, but it seems that sarcasm and egocentric nasty is about all we see today. You mentioned in a previous blog about how Adam Sandler is not like that, and it certainly makes him all the more likable, but too many of today’s comedy makers are that way. No one wants to be the goofus, everyone wants to be the cool smartass. Maybe laughing at and relating to the goofus helps us feel and accept out humanness where relating to the smartass only makes us mean and uptight? And also, the Stooges, whilke using lots of physical comedy that looks mean and painful, I think the key is they are a lot like the cartoon where the character is hit over the head with a frying pan, gets a huge bump but immediately the bump is gone. In other words it’s all exaggerated to the point where the viewer, even a very little kids, knows it’s not suppose to be for real. And I think that is what makes the Stooges work funny and not violent.

    There is a LOT of psychology and sociology to comedy, as you show in your blog. Interesting that all of these old timers started out in Vaudeville (live audiences who could boo you off the stage if they didn’t like your behavior) and it seems like all of them started out very young and very poor.

    So yes, I like this blog very much. And I like your thoughtful topics and writing very much.

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