SNL and Talk/Tonight Shows

My title is pretty explanatory on what type of comedy shows I will recognize in my next hundreds of words to come. For those who don’t know SNL stands for Saturday Night Live, which is every Saturday night from New York and it is always filmed live, haha. I have watched Saturday Night Live many times before, but I like to watch the older shows back in the Sandler, Farley, and Ferrell days, which I have the best of all of them and guys like Chris Rock, Mike Myers, and Dana Carvey. All of them made the show that much better, although I was not old enough to watch it live I have seen many skits with them and they are way more funny than today’s skits on Saturday night. I do like Tina Fey and Andy Samberg, even if Fey isn’t on the show anymore, but I do like some of Samberg’s skits most of the time, especially his songs like “On a Boat”. He brings a lot of life to the show and it definitely needs it nowadays. I don’t know what it is I just never am interested in any of the skits when I try and watch Saturday Night Live. They need to bring in a really funny person that has a potential to be a great comedian. I do watch the show sometimes, might check it out tonight, but it really depends on who is the host and who is going to play the music, if it is someone like Madonna or Alex Rodriguez hosting and Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus singing, no thank you, I’ll go and watch some golf. I am just saying Saturday Night Live isn’t even close to what it use to be and needs some type of kick to get back to what the show use to be, not just funny but hilarious I’m going to piss in my pants type humor. Where is this found in the show, what one person brings this humor? The closest was Fey and Samberg, back in the day the Fey’s and the Samberg’s are just great compliments to a Farley or a Ferrell. I’ve made my point about SNL, which the public already knows how much better the show was back in the early 2000’s, 90’s and 80’s, I will switch over to Talks shows now.
Some talk shows aren’t suppose to be funny like with politic talk shows and like a Larry King talk show. They are more for interviews and just talking about boring stuff, although Larry King Live is one of the greatest talk shows ever and it is a shame he is wrapping it up in December. Anyway, I like Tonight Shows more, which are suppose to have at least some type of funniness to it. The more famous Tonight Shows are with David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, hate to put him there, Conan O’Brien, Conan O’Brien again, and Jimmy Kimmel. Some talks shows that are around as well but are not funny are with George Lopez, Craig Ferguson, and Conan O’Brien. I put O’Brien in both places because he can be funny and is a funny comedian, but he lacks that non-awkwardness in being a talk show host. He needs to work on being a host of a television show and be good at it, but he is a funny odd guy. Also he had a late night show on NBC and now he has one on TBS. Lopez and Ferguson I don’t think are very funny, but I respect Ferguson because he has been around for five years and does have his own followers/fans around the world, but I just don’t think he is as funny as other comedians, he does have his moments though. George Lopez is not funny at all, his show, George Lopez Show, was a horrible un-funny needed good writers type of show and Lopez Tonight is not even worth watching. TBS is showing this year that their comedy taste is getting worse with airing shows like Lopez Tonight, House of Payne’s and Meet the Browns, everything happens in three’s. So I hope all this bad comedy TBS is bringing lately is done, although Glory Daze does not look promising. Lets talk about good Tonight shows like Letterman. He is one of the funniest talk show hosts ever, I think. He always has a good monologue and an always interesting top ten. If I watch any late show it is his or sometimes Jimmy Kimmel because he disses Matt Damon and I hate Matt Damon and Kimmel always saying, “my apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time”, haha. He is a good comedian and he has had a successful show before as well with “The Man Show”. I forgot to mention Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show. I don’t watch it that often, but from his SNL days he is funny and I think would make a good host by all of his practice of being a news anchor on his SNL skits. Johnny Carson I have heard that he was a great Late Night Show host, although I haven’t seen many of his shows, but I had to mention him for his popularity he brought to the Tonight show. Also Jay Leno, as much as I don’t like him and don’t think he is funny, I have to mention him as well because he was successful at one time. Nowadays Letterman rules the Late Night with his show, always being at the top spot of the ratings. And he should be because his Late Night Show is the best one out there.

You have to watch this famous skit of Chris Farley on SNL:

Letterman monologue talking about sports for a little while, skip the last minute:

Top Ten with Family Guy:

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  1. also michael says:

    While I have enjoyed reading your blog posts about topics other than sports, I just saw the Vikes/Packers score and can’t wait to read what you have to say about that disaster.

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