Football, Football, and More Football

Lets start off talking about the best news for the Vikings since the coming of Brett Favre last year, Brad Childress being FIRED! He got fired this mourning, Monday, after that dreadful loss to the Green Bay Packers, this is the second time this year a head coach has gotten fired after a blow out loss to the Pack. First Wade Phillips and now Childress. The Vikes losing 3-31 to the Packers yesterday was probably the best game for the Vikings this year. I say this because the Vikings owner finally realized that no one likes or respects Childress in that locker room or outside of it. Really we should have gotten rid of Childress before the Bears games and if not before that game than after that game. But we are the Vikings and have to make stupid decisions all the time, like signing Childress to a long term deal and then not firing him until we are 3-7, which means are season is over if it wasn’t before, ha. We still have to pay him too. Finally Leslie Frazier will take over, and for a long time, at least I hope. I don’t think we are dumb enough to let someone else take the head coaching job, Frazier is the guy and we are lucky no one hired him as a head coach last year. In know there are good coaches out there I just like Frazier because he is use to the Vikings organization, so we shall see how good he does the rest of the year and then sign him from there. I believe with the firing the Vikings have a chance to go 8-8 and of course miss the playoffs, regarding a total collapse by the Bears and Packers. I can see the Bears sucking but not the Packers. Right now it doesn’t look good after that kind of loss to the Packers, but in the long-term we gained more instead of losing more by getting blown out by the Packers. I mean now we will have players trying the whole game and hopefully the players will get along for the rest of the season. And also next season we will have a head coach that knows how to call plays. I am still not happy with the Vikings owner, Ziggy Wolfe, of how long it took him to finally fire Childress. It took three consecutive bad looking losses, two losses to a division rival, where we got beaten bad in both of the games. Not to mention it took a blow out loss to the Pakcers and the crowd having to chant, “FIRE CHILDRESS, DADA-DADADADA!” It took all of that to happen plus a 3-7 record for the owner to finally fire him, where was his head, in the goddamn gutter, that’s where. I know Childress wasn’t 100 percent of the problem, but he was a huge chuck of it. Favre needs to play better and everyone needs to try their best, and if this happens it will equal success. Besides the Vikings getting blown out at home, where Favre looked like he was 50, the defense looked like they were all rookies out there, Chris Cook and Asher Allen suck, and everyone just gave up after the Favre INT, there was other football news going on.
I want to address the Patriots and Colts game. Tough day for Peyton Manning, just getting picked off all over the place, he does not like playing in New England. I will go on the defense of the Colts by every time they had a special teams play the refs decided to throw flags for holding. Some people will be like who cares it is just special teams, it won’t make a difference, well it did. The Colts had horrible field position every time they got the ball because the “cheating” refs kept throwing the flag for a holding call. I absolutely hate and I mean hate holding calls in general, but especially hate them on special teams, let the players play. I understand holding calls when they are obvious, but some holding calls are little and the holding never happened, which has no effect on the play. These holding calls happen when the ref wants the other team to win or they just don’t like the players on one team or even both teams and think it is funny to see the head coach yell at the players, haha. Back to this game, the Colts got screwed over with field position on these penalties, but it didn’t matter in some sense because Manning still got them in good field position but then once he got the the fifty the defense finally caught on to the play calling and stopped them. If Manning would have started at the 30 he would at least drive the ball in field goal range or in a red zone type offense, which is the best red zone offense in the league, I believe. Also I say the refs were cheating because it was the same head ref that kept calling, I don’t know his name but I think referees number was 113. I’m pretty sure he was from Boston or something because he talked kind of Boston-ish and was calling everything on the Colts. Even with all this bad calling Manning and Company still had a chance to win or go in overtime, but Manning tried to do to much and got picked, he was Brett Favre-ish on this day, to say the least.
In other news Richard Seymour gave Big Ben Roethlisberger a BIG punch to the jaw on Sunday. It was a funny and kind of a coincidence to see and I am on Seymour’s side for this one. Obviously Ben said something to him and if I were on defense and heard a wimpy-ass quarterback talking trash to me I’d hit him too. I say it is coincidental because he is Roethlisberger, a guy who got off with rapping girls, not just once but twice. I do not like him as a person or a football player, I don’t care if he has won two super bowls, the defenses on that Pittsburg team got him there and they won the second one because the defense got that cheap touchdown at the end of the half off the Arizona Cardinals, the other Super Bowl Seattle just sucked and shouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl. He is one of those guys that trys to put himself as a leader to a team that doesn’t need him and he is that player that uses a team. I don’t like saying it but some teams just get lucky; teams like the Bears, Steelers, Seahawks, Saints, and the Giants, although I was happy about the outcome of the Giants. I mean the Bears had no business in that 2006 Super Bowl, Manning killed them and same with Seattle, the Pittsburg D killed them. The Steelers got lucky both times with the ball bouncing the right way and facing a bad team, and same with the Saints they had the ball bounce the right way the whole game with the Vikings, they didn’t deserve to win. The Giants against the Patriots was just a Miracle Super Bowl win for the Giants, with the amazing catch to give the Patriots a 18-1 record. Back to the fight, well not much of a fight because Seymour dominated it with one right hook, haha. Seymour just got Ben to the ground like that, Ben looked stupid. I think Ben deserved the punch for all he has done and not done for his team. I still think Ben is an over-rated quarterback because Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch could win with that Steelers defense, and could win with receivers like a Ward, Holmes, and Wallace. If Ben wasn’t surrounded by all of this talent he would be an average quarterback that could maybe make it to the playoffs and he is an average QB, everyone else would just see it if he was on an average defense. He is no Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. You put one of those guys with a Pittsburgh defense and a consistent running game, you better watch out. People always look at the rings and judge a quarterback on that. This happens a lot and I understand why, I just don’t like it. I mean quarterbacks like Trent Dilfer and Shaun King have a Super Bowl ring, but they sucked. I wonder how they won, maybe being on a Ravens defense and Tampa Bays defense. It is unfair to judge a quarterback on Super Bowl rings for this reason. A Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and a Brett Favre only have one ring and a Roethlis-who has two? All these quarterbacks are elite except for Ben. So next time you bring up the argument about how this quarterback has more rings, therefore he is better, shut it!

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