What Comedy Brings

I will wrap up comedy week with just talking about what comedy brings to people and makes them feel. Comedy has been around for a long time to the stand up type of comedies to the kid humor comedies. Humor is brought from all different places and people. Without comedy I think everything would be more boring, even though politics and golf are boring enough they would be ten times more boring without comedy or comedians. When people are sad and have lost hope, humor can turn that all the way around for everyone and anyone. Comedians can and do make a difference for everyone. There is always something to laugh at and they always bring joy to others by making a person laugh or smile, even if it is just for a couple of minutes. Although I rag on some comedians about not being funny at least they are trying to make people laugh and for those comedians that are not funny some do have their own little fan base, which makes a difference. So I do respect most if not all comedians and comedy shows and movies. I only rag on some of these things because I watch such good comedy shows and then when I see bad ones it just makes me think why are they wasting there time with this, but I still respect them by making an effort to bring laughter even if they lack in real humor. Also I want to know what happen to all the old good cartoon’s for kids. Like Hey Arnold, Doug, Arthur, Sponge Bob, Fairly Odd Parents, and Jimmy Neutron. These are all cartoons for kids and they have good humor I believe. They had that good stupid humor but taught kids at the same time, and always had good stories to go along with the episodes. I use to watch all of those shows and action cartoons as well like Dragon Ball Z and Power Rangers and even Rocket Power. I just keep remembering all these old cartoons that use to be on TV when I was growing up and they were good. I just want to see better funnier shows in the future for the next generation of kids. I think they need good kid humor to help develop a better sense of humor in the future for the kids. I don’t know where all these have gone to. I know Sponge Bob and Fairly Odd Parents are still on TV with re-runs but those are the only two shows. Where are all the other funny kid shows out there today? I don’t know of any good ones. Do you? Well my main point is that they need to make and create more of these types of cartoon’s, they have good adult humor cartoons nowadays but no kid humor ones. Any ways, comedy is great and will always be a big part of my life and should be a big part of others as well. Comedy brings happiness and life to people and that is something that will never change about comedy.

I know there is a lot of football to talk about today, but I dedicated this week to comedy and this is the last day of it so I hope you enjoyed the week.


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  1. also michael says:

    and you did a great job with it, too!

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