The Abortion Poll

I found last Friday in my Mass Communication class that there is a couple that has a website up for people to vote on whether they should keep their 18-week-old fetus or have an abortion. They have this up until December 9th supposedly two days before the last day they could have an abortion. Apparently there was a woman who use to go to school with the husband of the fetus, Pete Arnold, and said he was extremely pro-life, which means he is strongly against abortions, in high school and promoted pro-life. She says this is just a a scheme to promote pro-life. I have no idea if this is true and even before this people were questioning whether this couple is doing this because they really don’t know what to do or to promote abortion or pro-life. If anything I am sure the couple is promoting pro-life for this poll on their website, but they said that the wife, Alisha Arnold, has had three miss-carriages and doesn’t know if she is ready to have a baby yet and that is why they put the poll up. They say the poll won’t make their final decision, but they will consider the results while thinking of their final decision. They say they can tell if the person who votes is being serious or is just trying to mess around by being funny or something like that. I don’t think they can tell because they really don’t know how the people who vote feel, some could not care and just vote for have an abortion because they think this couple is stupid. The couple has received a bunch of hate mail saying they don’t deserve a baby and need to have an abortion and even more hate than that. People are in-titled to their opinion and can dis these people from what they have put up online but don’t threaten these people over this controversial subject. They could sew you because the First Amendment doesn’t protect someone from threatening someone’s life over a tiny subject. My first thought when I heard about this poll was me laughing, not trying to be mean, but I really laughed about this because it amazes me how people are so stupid and crazy these days by them going to the whole world, which is filled with murders and other crazier people out there to make there decision. They put this up online to see how other people think and feel, who cares do what you think is right for you don’t even put this poll online. They are really just doing this so they can get attention from others and maybe even to support pro-life. I am not voting for either for these choices to supposedly help these people out and if I were in this situation I would do what my wife wants to do, but if she wanted to put it online for others to vote I would stop her and then slap her, haha. Not literally I am not an abuser, but I would think this is a ridiculous thing to think of or let alone actually do it. In general on the topic it is whatever. If a girl isn’t ready to have a baby than she should have an abortion, that’s that. These people obviously aren’t sane enough to have a baby and I hope they get an abortion, I hate saying that, but if they are not mentally stable enough to make their own decision I don’t want another kid being raised by people like that. In the long run if they have and raise this baby it is just going to add another crazy person out there, haha. Right now anyway the voting keeps going up and down, more up for this couple to have an abortion, and the main reason I think it is for abortion is because people don’t what this couple to have a baby. I understand why this couple is having a hard time deciding what to do, but that is what a family, friends, and a marriage (relationship) is for. To talk about serious life-changing decisions together. Since they don’t see this and are doing this poll probably for promoting pro-life or to get their names into the media, they are doing it for the wrong reasons. If they are doing it for the reason of really not knowing and thinking this is the best way to know what to do, they are just two more crazy people who can’t live their own life and make their own decisions. Either way I am not voting but I am talking about this because it is in the media, ha. Also it is an interesting topic to talk about and to see others opinion, but I would never do the poll for the reason on whether to keep my baby or kill it. I’d do it to see what people in the world favor, life or abort.

Vote or not, here’s the website: (I know the website name is even bad)

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