Different Views

It is a great thing to see in the world today about how people have many different types of views on certain topics. Like the abortion and pro-life junk, Republicans and Democrats, religions and non-religions, sports, movies, obscenities, and more. With all of these categories there are more to argue within them and go in-depth with them. I kind of want to talk about obscenities and go in-depth with that. For those who don’t know obscenity is a thing that is found offensive and bad behavior by people. Really we only have obscenities because people may not be use to certain things: like seeing someone die, a dog being put down, strip clubs, a gun being shot off in a shooting range, washing clothes, cleaning-up and driving a car. These can all be considered obscenities because people are not use to doing these things or being by these things. They might make a person feel uncomfortable to be in that position and others might think why is this person acting weird when I tell them to walk my dog or something. This is cause they could have been raised a lot differently from you, they might not be use to pets or even heard of walking a dog. Rarely anyone is use to a burglary, a shooting, or other violent actions like that, unless you are surrounded by it or surround yourself constantly with that kind of stuff. Obscenity is a very interesting thing and word, just to say it because it isn’t said that often, at least from what I can tell. I personally like getting use to things and sometimes I do like to try new things, but mainly try to keep into a groove, a rhythm. I am not use to everything in the world at all, but I am open minded and I think that can help open-minded people feel more comfortable in situations to come. Sometimes I even try to mentally put myself in a position that I most likely would not be in but you never know. This could help me with future situations, but I will still always have the uncomfortableness inside me because I am not use to being held at gun point or some type of matter like that. I have been in a car crash with a semi-truck, so that is one type of situation that I have experienced that others may not have or at least lived after that type of collision and have that experience live on. Also people see it as offensive or ob-seen to know that women take their clothes off for money in strip clubs and exploit themselves. I don’t look at it this way because women aren’t being held at gun point to strip for other people, mainly men, they drive themselves to work every day so they can make ends meat or maybe because they love what they do. Also it is for entertainment like for a bachelor’s party or a kids 18th birthday, something like that. It is not life threatening like drinking could be, so if people call strip clubs ob-seen then drinking is too. I mean kids everywhere have 21 shots on their 21st birthday, which can lead to alcohol poisoning and could die. Now I don’t see any of these obscenities to be that offensive, but it could be called bad behavior in way because it is not appropriate to be naked or when someone is drunk they are probably more loud and disruptive. But I say if it is behind closed doors like a strip club or a bar just let it be and don’t make a big deal out of it. I am not trying to say all these things are good for people, I am just saying a lot of people see these types of topics in a different way. I am sure some women out there will hate what I have to say about these topics and that is what is so interesting about obscenities, a lot of different views and with people arguing it shows that people today still care about things today. That is what I think people need to look at when they argue with other, is that the other person arguing with you actually cares and has some good points to this topic, but you still won’t change my mind but you will be more open minded and listen. So next time you are arguing with a person you love or just met remember they actually care, so have some respect for them. I know not all arguments are about certain topics that people will respect the other for, like someone driving recklessly you are not going to have respect for them for endangering others around them or someone shooting you for no reason. But views on topics like sports, movies, and politics, which I hate, and some more serious subjects can be good to hear form a different perspective. Anything and everything can offend someone, but they just have to open their ears and see what others think.

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