Newton’s Law

There was a good game on today in college football. Surprisingly, I know because I don’t talk about college football that much so it must of been a great game. The game of Auburn vs. Alabama in Alabama. I was rooting for Auburn the whole time, I usually root for the underdog and Alabama is ranked 11 when Auburn is ranked 2. But this time I was rooting for Auburn because I hate Alabama for various different reason, not all good reasons but I do have my reasons. I also like the quarterback for Auburn, Cam Newton, and root for him even with all the allegations against him, I like his style of play, smart. The game was a close good hard fought game and the team who won definitely deserved to win. Auburn 28 and Alabama 27. I was happy with the results, but I was not happy with the 1st half by Auburn, especially there play calling. They kept calling trick plays in the first half for negative yards, it seemed like the Bama defense knew where every trick play was going, they were in the Auburn’s playbook. I didn’t get why they kept calling trick lateral plays in the first half when they were losing a good 5 yards to put themselves in three straight three and outs. It looked early on when it was 24-0 that it was going to be a blow out. At half Bama was up 24-7 and probably should have at least 3 more points to that but Bama fumbled at the 10 and had to settle for a field goal attempt the other time and later on in the game they were at the 10 and had to settle for another field goal attempt, which they made both. I mean we are talking about an Alabama offense dominating their defense in the first three possessions and the Bama defense dominating the Auburn offense. I was surprised they came back and won on the road against a veteran team but when you have the Newton effect I think any team has a chance to comeback, especially if the defense is finally looking good for once. The Auburn defense really buckled down after the first three possessions giving up touchdowns to a medi-oker offense. I still will give most props to Newton and his ability to lead his team to a BIG comeback and now they deserve to be number one. Newton is a great QB and has that potential to be a good solid QB in the NFL, all I have to say is that he runs way too much. I get the college play calling isn’t that good and coaches and players are not that good either, but Newton needs to throw it more than 16 times in one game if he wants to be a successful respectable quarterback in the NFL. As long as Newton becomes more disciplined, throws more, and keeps his behavior good off the field by putting his past behind him, even though it is being brought up with him not wanting it to, he will be just fine. I think he is trying to leave the past in the past and move on and learn more but the media just won’t let that happen. Man that sucks his senior year has to be ruined by the stupid media butting in and leaking stupid shit out from his past. I feel bad for him but at the same time I still think he will do fine in the Heisman votes and in the NFL draft because of his leadership and his play on the field. This game today says a lot about what kind of person and football player he is. He became frustrated early against a good defense but fought back and got his team back in the game. He did all of this with an investigation going on about him and kept his character and composure on the field and has not acted out since these allegations have come out. I would vote for him in the Heisman voting, if I cared enough to vote. You never know, maybe I just have that much respect for Newton I will go out of my way and vote for him, I don’t know yet. I do know if all this stupid shit surrounding Newton puts him down in the draft I hope the Vikings will get him and we will build our franchises around him. But that is a whole different story and I still have to see how all the allegations will play out for him first. If it works out for him I would have no problem with the Vikings drafting him in the first round. Anyway that was a great game and I am really glad to see Auburn mount a great comeback against a team I have never liked, haven’t seen a game like that for awhile besides the Vikings comeback but that was against a team I kind of liked. Moral of the day: never count yourself out with the Newton Law in place.

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