Black Friday

Everyone was hyped up again for Black Friday and even the Black Saturday deals in some places. I have been to the middle of Black Friday at like 6 or 7, I guess it is considered the end but still has deals for most of the day, last year and went to Walmart. They have great deals advertised in the newspapers for a lot of things like TV’s, DVDs, and hunting stuff or whatever but I have never heard of people getting great deals and bragging about them; nor myself getting that good of deals at Walmart during Black Friday. So last year when I went to Walmart I was disappointed and than had to work the rest of the day. The next day I went to Best Buy when it wasn’t busy and they still had some good deals. I know it supposedly not like Black Friday when they have more in stock and maybe better deals, but it was still pretty good shows and movies in stock for pretty cheap. So last year I bought a lot of DVDs for dirt cheap. This year I live out of the big town and was kind of bad weather so I didn’t make the effort to really go myself. So when my family went in early on Friday I asked them to look at Best Buy to see what they had. At about two in the afternoon they got there finally and there was none of my DVDs in stock that I wanted in Best Buy. So I was thinking they will probably get more by tomorrow or something and have good deals again. They had none of my DVDs again and then my family went to Walmart and they had them but they were expensive again, no deals on Saturday for Walmart I guess. Although we got a 42 inch TV from Sears for a good price there was absolutely no good deals or were not in stock for good TV shows like “It’s Always Sunny”, “The League”, old comedies, Futurama movies, and good Adam Sandler movies. Not at Best Buy or at Walmart. This is ridiculous how they don’t stock up on these and if they do have them then it is not as cheap as they advertise it to be. I heard Target had the best deals but I never got a chance to go there and I am sure they had great deals and I should have gone looking there. I was not impressed with Best Buy this year or impressed with Walmart either of the past two years for selection and price. Black Friday is over-rated for DVD sales and false advertise most of the time in most places. I will give you an example of Walmart. My mom was checking online for TVs on Wednesday night and found a TV for sale of $748 and on Black Friday it was going to be listed as $778. What is up with that? My mom had to go online and be lucky enough to stumble across this. I mean who goes online to buy things a day or two before Black Friday or goes out shopping for big things? This is a smart yet evil thing to do by Walmart and that is why I hate Walmart. So if you ever plan on going shopping on Black Friday at Walmart go a couple of days before, they are open on Thanksgiving because they are a flesh eater company. Good true deals are at Target and Best Buy, although Best Buy has gotten bad at putting good DVDs in stock, at least this year they were good last year. So Black Friday is a little over-rated and people shouldn’t jump into the line of fire for this day because it is kind of misleading and people shouldn’t freak out and be crazy all over the place wacko because they want to get that deal first. Also some stores only give a great deal to 15 people and then go back to the sale price for everyone else. So to save a couple of bucks you are going to mob in to be the first 15 or 20, I don’t get it. Do people even need half this shit that is on sale on Black Friday? No. I don’t need movies but I would like to get them and get them for a good cheap price, but I don’t jump through walls to get them like a lot of people do. I wait and I have been successful in the past, just this year the stores weren’t as nice to people for some reason. I mean I didn’t even go to Best Buy in 09′ on Black Friday, I went on Saturday and got good deals. This year I have someone go for me on both days and both days were horrible with selection and Walmart bad with price and selection for both years. So Black Friday is too much work for what it actually brings, very disappointing day. I will go on Black Saturday every year and look at what they definitely stocked up on, I am sure their will be some good deals for the years to come.

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