The best of the worst

First off let me congratulate Leslie Frazier for his first win as a head coach, I forgot to do so yesterday. This win for the Vikings was how people thought we would win games last year with Favre. Us running it a lot and are defense being good to get wins, not having Favre be successful passing the ball every game, which he did last year. This is a defensive mind of coach of course and this is how the Vikings are going to win now, 17-13 type scores. Toby Gerhart stepped up against the Redskins on Sunday when Adrian Peterson went down in the second quarter. Peterson looked like he was easily going to rush for over 100 yards in that game and I thought it was going to hurt our team a lot, but a rookie stepped up and AP just was like a fan cheering his team on. You should have saw Peterson when Favre ran for that first down to seal the win, and when Gerhart was close to a first you could see AP measuring and lining up where the ball was and the first down marker and then he signaled first down before they measured, haha. He is a funny fan to watch. Anyway good win by Frazier and many to come for him, hopefully all of them for the Vikings.
Now the Bears beat the Eagles on Sunday, which was a total surprise to me, and I saw the Bears are first in the division and have a 8-3 record. This is ridiculous how the Bears are first. First off they shouldn’t even have 8 wins. The only reason they have 8 wins are because they get lucky with special teams plays and should have lost at home to the Lions in week one, but of course they get lucky. Also should have lost to the Packers at home but squeaked it out and I see a lot of their wins are just pure luck, like the Saints game against the Vikings in the NFC Championship game last year, pure luck by the way the bounce of the ball goes. Also how the Vikings and Packers game at Lambou the refs got involved by overturning a TD by the Vikes and letting the Packers kick an extra point to quickly on a touchdown that was bobbled by a Packer, should have been challenged. Look at the Lions game, the Packers game, and the Eagles game. All of them at home and all of them won by a bounce of the ball, reviewing plays, and a horrible calls by the refs. Pure luck for the Bears, Cutler has had this luck before with the Broncos when they played the Chargers and should have lost a game early in the season by fumbling, but instead it was called a incomplete pass and the next play is a TD for the Broncos than they decide to go for two with .24 seconds left in the fourth to win and were successful winning 39-38. And what happens later on that year? The Broncos collapse and San Diego wins the division, it’s called karma, haha. No respect going to Cutler or the Bears from me. Just wait Culter has a way of getting lucky but then he ends up struggling the rest of the season. The Bears are 8-3 now, they will most likely end up 9-7 because of karma or just lose in the playoffs on a blown call by the refs and then the Bear fans will be like we got jipped when they have jipped so many different teams in the past, Culter and the Bears combined. So they are the best in the NFC North but are one of the worst teams because of there inconsistent defense, the turn over problems for Cutler, and Matt Forte in that running game being inconsistent as well. I mean look at the defense against the Eagles, they looked good for a series and makes a turn over on a lucky, tip, tip, right into the hand of the Bears safety Harris, and then they end up giving up 26 points and let the Eagles come back into the game. Also the last two games Forte is a great running back again? and Jay Cutler is a great quarterback against the Eagles and Vikings this year but that’s it? I will say the Bears defense have improved and stayed consistent the last five games or so but then they let the Eagles back into the game yesterday, so that isn’t even a sure thing. But the D is the best thing going on for the Bears and we will see them crumble down the stretch and the Packers will end up winning the division. One more thing to add, the Bears have had an easier schedule in the beginning of the season so far than the Packers and the Vikings have had. Lets see how they do away against a Lions team who look to seek revenge, the Patriots, the Jets, enough said about them, the new look of the Vikings in the Dome, and in the frozen tundra against the Pack. Yea good luck winning two of those. I think 9-7 is being a game too nice for them but they will get lucky in one of them, probably screw over the Lions on some bullshit call at the end of the game again. The Bears definitely have the best record for being one of the worst teams in the NFL. So to all those Bear fans enjoy this victory because it is one of your last for the rest of the season.

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2 Responses to The best of the worst

  1. also michael says:

    Hey Bosco – (I don’t think these replies actually show up on your blog site so addressing you as “Bosco” probably isn’t confusing anyone.) Just a note to say I continue to read and enjoy your writings here, I’m impressed with the depth of the thinking you put into it and often smile (if not downright LOL) at some of the headline titles and expressions you come up with sometimes.

    Will your blog end when your English class ends or will you keep it going? (I hope you keep it up!) What else is going on with you? Oooops, this is turning into an email, not a blog post response, so…

    • barnez28 says:

      Hey Michael,
      Yea the comments show up. It tells there are 2 comments or something like that at the end of my blogs and you click on it to view them. I am glad you enjoy my writing and I am planning on doing my blog for awhile past my English class this semester. I don’t know if I will do it everyday, which I have been the past two months, but I will still do some blogs. Nothing much is going on I saw the whole family on Thanksgiving break, so that was fun. How was your Thanksgiving? I am also going to do some service learning at a nursing home this next couple of weeks, my first day is tomorrow, for my English class. Also Nicky left her bird at our house for the next month, until she comes back home, so that will be kind of noisy. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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