Football is the new UFC

With the right hook of Richard Seymour to Big Ben last week sparked more fighting in the NFL on Sunday. Seymour did not get a suspension, but did get a hefty fine for his actions. If you read one of my earlier blogs last week you would know my position on that right hook is. Now with Andre “The Giant” Johnson and Cortland “The Scrappy” Finnegan, that is their UFC names, fighting viciously on Sunday when the Huston Texans beat up on the Tennessee Titans 20-0. In the fourth quarter when the Texans had the ball, and when the game was already done with, Finnegan, a corner-back for Tennessee, viciously put his palm on the face-mask of Johnson, the Texans wide-receiver, and kind of pushed his head back, Johnson got mad because Finnegan was doing this most of the game and this time it was hard. The play before the got kicked out of the game they both were getting into it and Johnson pushed Finnegan (both flagged for unnecessary roughness) and have had a past with not liking each other because Finnegan is a dirty player and he likes to be known as such. So back to the fourth quarter where the altercation happened between the both of them. Johnson got mad after Finnegan pushed his head back and Johnson rips the helmet off of Finnegan, so what does Finnegan do he takes the helmet of Johnson and slams/tosses it down to the ground and that is when Johnson just goes off on Finnegan. Johnson gets with a couple of right shots and a left hook in of the face/head of Finnegan. Now Johnson is 6 foot 3 inches tall and 225 pounds and Finnegan is at 5 foot 10 inches tall at 188 pounds. In the UFC that would be a rare fight to have and could be an unfair fight, as shown when Johnson obviously got the best of Finnegan. Now both players are fined, I believe 25K or something but not suspended from games. This is good for fantasy owners of Johnson, as he is one of the best wide-outs out there for fantasy points. If there was a UFC fantasy league or if fantasy football allowed fighting ability to be counted as points, Johnson would definitely get some points for those punches. Finnegan clapped after Johnson got thrown out but what is he clapping about he just got the shit knocked out of him. Some could say Finnegan won the fight by getting under Johnson’s nose, who is usually a very well behaved football player on and off the field, so Finnegan getting on the nerves of Johnson to the point where he got kicked out and punched him three times, he must have really annoyed Johnson. Getting Johnson to react like that is hard and Finnegan did it. I will say Finnegan took the punches like a champ because he wasn’t bleeding that much, from what I could see, and didn’t say afterward that was a cheap shot or something like that. He knows he got “it” handed to him out there and I think Finnegan won’t change the way he plays after this either. I think he will literally take any punch from a wide receiver and look at it as an accomplishment, haha. He is a weird dude by wanting to have a reputation of being dirty and mean player, but I am just glad he admits it and looks at it as a good thing. Not like Jerome Harrison who doesn’t admit he is a dirty player, ha. I am glad Johnson and Finnegan didn’t get suspended but Finnegan today made a comment saying if he threw those punches he would have been suspended and that was the only thing that upset him about the whole thing. I totally agree with him because Finnegan had a reputation and everyone should believe he would have been suspended if he was the one throwing punches. Johnson is not known as an acting out player, not like most wide receivers. Johnson just goes about his business and is great at what he does. So I agree with the NFL on the decision not to suspend either of the players and I agree with Finnegan that he would have been suspended if that was him throwing the punches. Also understand no one was seriously injured so that probably had some affect on what the NFL was going to do to Johnson, just a fine, a suspension, or both. Johnson is a good dude for the most part, he just knows how to fight and probably has built up anger for not making it to the playoffs all these years. He obviously took out all of his anger on Finnegan, it was a site to see. I kind of like the new look of football the last two weeks with the fighting. Some don’t like it because they think it takes away from the game of football. I think it just adds something exciting and entertaining for the fans. My advice if people don’t like fighting in football turn away from the screen, plain and simple don’t complain.
Here is a decent clip of the fight, has most of the footage in it.

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