Lyrics flowing out the truth

I was doing some work today and I had a Eminem play-list going on in youtube. A song came up called “Almost Famous” by Eminem from his Recovery Album, which was released back in the summer, I believe in June. I am a fan of Eminem, what a surprise another white-boy being a fan of the only good white rapper out there, I like the way his music flows and usually has a good beat, like most rap music. His song “Almost Famous” was very awesome, to say the least. He very much dissed Roethlisberger, I don’t know if Big Ben would have taken it as an insult though. The verse was talking about how Ben is a rapist and Ben might be proud of that, especially since he got away with it not once but twice. How stupid do the U.S. court system have to be these days? I really don’t know, O.J. got away with murder so I guess Big Ben can get away with rape twice, right. It only seems fair, ha! I just like that Eminem knows what he did and is not afraid to say that in his lyrics, I mean Ben could sue him or something for giving him a bad name, but Ben has already made a bad name for himself being stupid. Eminem also proceeds to make a Steelers reference saying “like a terrible towel”, which is what the Steelers franchise have called those yellow towels that name for decades now. Now you know how I feel about Ben and I don’t know why he keeps coming up in my blogs 3 times now. The first time was because he was involved with a fight, where he got his ass handed to him, then there was another football fight so I talked about last week football fight, and now I randomly hear the song by Eminem “Almost Famous” that has his last name dropped into it. So that has been kind of weird. I have heard it before I just forgot about the song. Also Eminem made a reverence to Ben in another one of his songs called “Despicable” when he says “get rowdy as Ben Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.” Haha this is a big part why I like Eminem. He will challenge anyone and dis anyone who is a dick. If someone threatens or says something about him or his family he will say something back and tells that person to step to him or step back. He doesn’t let anyone get the best of him and always defends himself delivering with sick lines. I am just glad he is making music again and is better than ever at doing what he does. I also have noticed he does movies sometimes. I mean we all know about Eminem’s story from the movie “8 Mile” and it seemed like every rapper decided to do a movie about their life after Eminem did his. That is how good he is, he makes other rappers follow him. I mean Biggie had a movie made after his and 50 Cent made a movie about himself after Eminem already did. Not only does he do serious non-fiction movies but he was in Grown Ups with Adam Sandler. And his only scene was with Sandler and they had Eminem do some funny shit with him being serious and yelling at Ray Romano who was looking at him. Also he was on the Jimmy Kimmel playing basketball and he challenged Kimmel to a game of basketball, which was a hilarious clip, I thought at least. Who knew Eminem was not only filled with just sadness, hatefulness, and madness lyrics, but also is funny. I know Eminem has some of the most ridiculous funny looking videos, so I knew before this that he was funny. I just didn’t think he would go on with actual comedies and be funnier than the comedian. Of course Eminem dominated the basketball game winning 11-1 and Kimmel had to get a tattoo of Eminem, it was fake though. He also did a top ten for Letterman too. So this just shows Eminem is a true performer and is not just that serious trying to look tough type rapper. He is a funny dude who has an incredible ability to rap and these two songs show what kind of rapper he really is. He will dis anyone and will say anything in his rhymes, have comedy in his lyrics, and make them flow together at the same time.
Here is the Top Ten with Letterman and Almost Famous:

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